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Black Wednesday

by frank / Jun 26 2007 / 3 posts

The UCI is meeting Wednesday with the 20 Pro Tour cycling teams to discuss and release the names of the riders it considers implicated in Operation Puerto. In other words, Wednesday will be the day we find out who is and who is not allowed to start the Tour de France. The list is rumored to contain over 50 names. It is also being speculated that th...

The Seattle Tre Cime

by frank / Jun 1 2007 / 40 posts

Here’s the funny thing about cycling: I go out of my way to find the biggest and hardest hills I can, and I start to talk excitedly about how “good” the climbs are. “Good” in this application is taken to mean hard, steep, and long. Then, when I actually ride these “good” climbs, I suffer like a pig and find...