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Nod Snob

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I love every kind of bike, from the tricked-out fixies all over Seattle (hello – hilly-ass town!  Unless your fixie is a 39-27, you are not making a sensible choice!), to the awesome Dutch Bikes, to the phenomenal racers around town, I love them all. I am, however, a bitch when it comes to bike…


Clever Thinking

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Seattle is a much hillier town than most people realize.  Hills of 15% grades and 2-4 km in length are a dime-a-dozen, and there are several, such as the Lighthouse and Dravus, that are considerably more.   Lighthouse is around 22% while Dravus’ grades make me test my track-stand abilities (I have none). Our normal route,…


But He Didn’t Inhale

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Tom Boonen, one of my favorite riders, tested positive for cocaine in an out-of-competition drug test (for the second – or maybe his third – time). Cycling Doping BoonenBoth WADA and the UCI don’t consider this a positive dope test because cocaine is an amphetamine whose effect lasts for only a short while and thus…

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