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Velominatus: VeloSix

Order: Gray Order Velominatus

Location: East Tennessee

I ride a bike, and sometimes I race it on weekends. *Strava is not my race *Shop rides are not my race

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You can only spend so much time with the Schlecks before you start talking like them, and the fabulous Fabs seems to have crossed the threshold. I’ve heard more complaining from him this season than I have talk about pushing harder on the pedals or going steady up with more speed or going full gas like everyone else, but just doing it for ...

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  1. Shot in the dark VSP PICKS: 1. Sagan 2. Cancellara 3. Gerrans 4. Nibali 5. Van Avermaet »

I was asking earlier, how do you know if you are a cyclist? One sure sign is when one brings a bike on almost all vacations. If a vacation does not include some cycling, is it a vacation? If you asks that, you are a cyclist. Hopefully this has been a long-term condition and all other vacationeers accept this with a shrug, yeah, a damn Velominatus.V...

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  1. @ChrisO I never thought about that, but when I read that line the, realization of that truth put a big smile on my face. »

It never gets easier, you just go faster. - Greg LeMond Rule #5 looms above the other Rules in terms of sheer relevance to Cycling; it is the fundamental building block upon which this sport is built. The Five is what drives us, it is the force that springs from a well that flows deep within each of us. It must be discovered, and then we learn...

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  1. @Brianold55 I have a pretty good idea what the bottom of the cave feels like (it’s just too dark to know what it looks like).  Final race of the year concludes with a 5.6 km 8% avg grade, summit finish.  The proper way to introduce yourself to this pla… »

  2. I would like to comment and say something awesome about the many lesson to be learned from Rule #10.  But any comments made would be simply inferior to this fine article.  Chapeau! »

Watching the Jensie set a “new” record was somehow not-that-interesting and riveting at the same time. One guy going around the track for an hour; only cycling aficionados could find it so compelling. The thing I can’t get out of my mind is Eddy Merckx still did 49.43 km/hr with toe clips, spoked, box section wheels and a hairnet...

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  1. @GogglesPizano And Trek will likely sell a few extra Speed Concept 9 bikes over the next couple of months. »

  2. Considering the age of the engine on the modified speed concept, I have to tip my hat to JMFV. However, I would like to see someone do it twice.  Merckx equipment vs modern equipment. »

I don’t mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that’s how it comes out. - Bill Hicks That famous quote from the Greatest Comedian Of All Time™ has resonated with me for many years. It became my silent mantra, as I don’t suffer fools gladly and sometimes don’t make much effort to conceal the fact. Lately, I̵...

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  1. @wiscot You meant “……uses it in conversation.” right? »

  2. @ChrisO This is pretty much along the lines of my thinking. The way I see it, Rule #2, and Rule #3 are always being worked out in some fashion.  How they are being applied to the different Fred’s of the world, are based more so on the Fred, than what t… »

  3. @sinikl I have been on rides with a guy who is 200+ lbs, and is usually the first guy off the back and riding a steller high end bike.  He has perspective and a sense of humor.  I like this guy, and have hung with him for recovery brews.   I also ride wi… »

  4. Fred »

  5. This is kinda the part where I suck.  Which is kinda shitty because it was not so long ago (two years) where I was showing up on a mountain bike, gym shorts and tennis shoes for the LBS weekly road ride.  I was riden into the ground, even after getting my… »

We are the Keepers of the Cog. In so being, we also maintain the sacred text wherein lie the simple truths of cycling etiquette known as The Rules. It is in our trust to maintain and endorse this list.The Rules lie at the beginning of The Path to La Vie Velominatus, not at the end; learning to balance them against one another and to welcome them...

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  1. @ChrissyOne Cool »

  2. @R.McEwen …said no Belgium, ever! »

Stupidity is a powerful force never to be underestimated. Geese are a good example; a more stupid vertebrate one would be most challenged to come across yet should you wander into a flock of them pecking about peacefully in a field, one is likely to erupt from its grazing to grab a billful of your ass and commence beating you savagely with it...

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  1. @Puffy That’s enough to drive me insane….. »

The Bike. It is the central tool in pursuit of our craft. A Velominatus meticulously maintains their bicycles and adorns them with the essential, yet minimal, accoutrement. The Rules specify the principles of good taste in configuration and setup of our machines, but within those principles lies almost infinite room for personal taste.It seems in s...

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  1. »

We are cyclists, the rest of the world merely rides a bike. What defines us as cyclists? Can a recumbent rider be a cyclist, a unicyclist, a fat recumbent rider with hairy legs and a YJA on? I think yes but am I snob for even asking?Years ago, I was helping a woman at another research institution set up some scientific equipment. Evidently we kept...

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  1. @wiscot I did catch that, quite humorous! »

  2. Riding my bike is my therapy.  It is all consuming, and I think about it non stop, day and night.  I get nervous and sleepless the day before a big ride/race, kinda like a kid on Christmas Eve.  I have no idea why I took so long to accept this addiction o… »

The Ride. It is the cathedral of our sport, where we worship at the altar of the Man with the Hammer. It is the end to our means. Indeed, The Bike may be the central tool to our sport, but to turn the pedals is to experience the sensation of freedom, of flight. It is all for The Ride.The world is overflowing with small, twisty roads that capture ou...

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  1. @Chris Nice work! »

  2. @Barracuda They are at the end of May.  I’ve see the race from a couple perspectives, the first year from a Shimano Neutral Support car.  This past year as a volunteer working the busiest co… »

Summer is a time for getting fat. Winter is a time for getting fat as well, but in a different way; in Winter we get fat on meals of meat and potatoes covered in sauces made of meat and potatoes. In Summer, on the other hand, our minds get fat: we get nice tans, we tone our muscles, long days see us riding at any hour of the day that suits us. W...

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  1. @HMBSteve Damn, I love this picture. Reminds me of some my rides last fall.  Here’s two of my favorite from last year…. Damn I’m looking forward to this again! »

  2. Closest I’ve been to Seattle is Portland.  (my first real experience with a road bike 22 years ago) I live in the southeast and there are occasions in the middle January, where we can get away with a gilet, arm/knee warmers over a quality base layer.  Occ… »

The modern day Pro cyclist has many disadvantages stacked against them by comparison to their forefathers. They have to ride plastic bikes with little or no distinguishing character or discernible caché; they must willingly or perhaps unwittingly subject their body to an array of questionable “training techniques”; and they have to sp...

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  1. next years club/team kit design is the topic of today’s meeting…..  hoping for primarily black shorts! »

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  1. A shame the spam bots can wiggle their way through and be so annoying.  Hope you get it worked out, I don’t envy the Keepers at this point (I’ve been there myself as a forum mod, it’s not fun) »

Cyclists love socks. I know I do. I’d make a point of collecting as many pairs as I could from every race, event, shop or rep that I ever happened upon. Some were so good that I still have them, others, well, let’s just say they were “re-homed” long before they got the chance to retire gracefully after years of loyal service...

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  1. @Rob Well, I live in the perfect area to find out for myself then….. »

  2. Wool?  I’ll wait for winter to try these…. »