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Velominatus: farzani

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Belgium

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Living the life... with Velo Love

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. vos 2. olds 3. van dijk 4. stevens 5. bronzini »

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  1. @Deakus  excuse me, but whining or “whingeing” as you say is not how it comes across!  her statement just gives the truth of what she has endured duing her dedicataion as a clean and focused athlete. If you have ever put your heart and soul into something… »

  2. thank you for writing and posting this. Being a woman cyclist and a former racer, I am to aware of the great athletes like Nicole who work their asses off with very little acknowledgment to the rest of the world! The hours, pain and love for the sport are… »

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  1. Farzani cyclocrossen fun in Belgium…dat is echte Herfst weer! »

  2. girls just wanna have fun. You know the pain will stop when you finally see Eddy on the Stockeau! »

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  1. @Ron YES I love my Craft headband!  het is koud hier in Belgie! »

  2. look what the Sint left me today in Belgium!!!! »

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  1. I was at that PR and saw Vansummern head into the Velodrome! Wow one of our local Limburg boys did it!  His GF/now wife was a champion swimmer at one point… »

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  1. I believe it is a combo of off center hat, sideburns and of course: SPONGE! »

  2. @Buck Rogers  i just happen to find this pic on the internet and had to save it! Cross racing is in full swing and in my neighborhood we have a few difficult wk races! I have 2 women friends who race pro so I try to go support when I can. It s such a grea… »

  3. @Buck Rogers  yep it’s cross time here in Belgium and even Farzani is riding singletrack in “het bos met de crossfiets” »

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  1. ok this is not sexy like the girl with the paint on mud, but here in Belgium this is what a Flandrian in training looks like after a road ride ion November »

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  1. In Belgium it is all about style! »

  2. »

  3. @farzani I think for once one of my photos downloaded! Eddy on the dirt and no no skinsuit! »

  4. »

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  1. »

  2. »

  3. Tis the season here in the holy land. Wet dirty grity rides on farm roads. We now opt for singletrack in the woods on the Cross bike. If I could post a picture of my Flanders bike tans I would! »

During the birth of The Rules, just like the Big Bang, there was a flurry of new activity, too much expanding and not enough contracting; certainly not enough thinking. It’s hard to keep the throttle back when divining the Word of Merckx in real time. The interweb tubes whistled with new Rules shuttling back and forth, beers consumed, genius...

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  1. @frank  hey when back when Farzani raced, she had a skinsuit. Good thing my computer does not allow photos to up load :) »

  2. @minion LOVE IT!!! never underestimate the power of pink and lace! Used to race with a pink ribbon in my hair ;) »

  3. @Kyle yep, Gilbert! »

  4. well Boyz, I found no wheels today to “introduce” myself to as their were few Flandrien to be seen in this part of Belgium riding in the cold.. I did however get a some extra “Flandrien in training” points as I was deluged by a downpour with a good 30 km … »

  5. @Oli  understandable….I think the big difference is that we live HERE in a cycling culture. bikes have a definite rile here for transportation, recreation and SPORT! people recgognize this and know the “rules of the road”. If you are riding along the c… »

  6. @Oli  suggest you dont move to Belgium or you will be very frustrated… »