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31 and living in London, United Kingdom for now. I am looking to move to Turkey in the next 6 months so looking forward to dishing out The V and copious usage of Rule 5 in the new climate. My daughter is almost two now as well so looking forward to dropping her on the first ride. For work i am currently based in Canary Wharf working as a computer application architect, designer, code monkey, db jockey and all around superstar.

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I love discovering things about people who I think I know. Maybe it’s a work colleague or friend of a friend who you run into once a month, maybe every week, and as the relationship lengthens and develops you pick up a nugget of information here and there. Sometimes a mutual acquaintance will proffer an anecdote, or if they’re talking...

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  1. Great article, i really enjoyed that. Is he really putting the hours in now, or is it just natural ability that is allowing him to regain his fitness so quickly? »

Each of us throw a leg over our top tubes and submit ourselves to the open road in recognition of the risks involved. These risks include those of a puncture, crash, damaged equipment, disability, and – ultimately – death. We try to be vigilant, we ride assertively yet defensively, and we hope for the best. We take every reasonable precaution t...

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  1. Cycling in Istanbul, i have had to accept the reality of a real chance of serious injury in my commutes and rides. There is just so few people doing it and motorists are a bloody nightmare all the time its like being in a derby. I have already had a coupl… »

Day 5 of the Six Days of the Giro continues with an impromptu VSP event.Lets have a look at where we are in the 2013 Giro. Wiggins must have spent time training in Luxembourg because he’s been descending like a Schleck when things get dodgy before disappearing into the team van to have a cry about it. Hesjedal has put in some good moves and...

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  1. @motor city @Deakus Couldn’t agree more, i think also that as the stage was so brutal, you could really see the difference in those who were able to measure their efforts and maintain a constant effort versus those who shot their load too early and got c… »

  2. The Tour of California is awesome this year with the Dubai weather they are having what beasting they had yesterday. Imagine being 500m from the finish line but being to exhausted to finish it. »

We continue our Six Days of the Giro series with a look at the troubled bond between Marco Pantani and the Giro.Some were meant to be tormented, as though it were preordained that their brilliance should be balanced with fatal flaws. These are tortured souls, whose dramatic highs are equalled only by the devastating depths of their lows. Continu...

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  1. I loved Pantani, a man with such deep psychological struggles that led to his life journey being as up and down as the mountains he loved to dominate and destroy. The thing I loved most about him was that with the sound off, and the camera focused on him … »

We’re into day three of the Six Days of the Giro series, and it’s time to hit the dirt.If ever a Keepers Tour goes to Italy, then we’re doing this climb. No doubt. Climbing on gravel up a real mountain, what’s not to love? Continue reading...

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  1. Cracking article and so addictive to watch that kind of stage. I was at the Tour of Turkey this year and had a long chat with Team Saxo Bank after the race and it was really interesting some of the things they were telling me. The most interesting thing w… »

Sometimes, getting the job done means doing it by any means necessary. Football coaches, who have just seen their team scrape out a win by a dour defensive effort and a lucky goal, refer to it as “winning ugly”. But any true Velominatus would rather lose photogenically than win ugly. In fact, our credo could well be “it’s no...

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  1. @brett fine article, now please follow up with a riding pretty, the most beautiful stroke rather than the most beautiful mullet »

As many of you know, one of my specialties is examining events, imagining trends in them, and then predicting future events by painting with broad strokes based on those findings. I find this approach particularly effective when it pertains to topics of which I know less than nothing. In many ways, this is the same thing meteorologists do, so in...

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  1. @Chris That is a picture that just calls like a siren, snow, mud and glistening guns powering along and propelling the rotation of the earth just that bit faster. »

Is anyone else in need of some bike racing? I’m strung out and need a fix. @chrisO has come to the rescue by actually racing his bike and filing a proper report. He didn’t just jump into some Sunday Cat IV event either. He raced a stage race, the Tour of Sharjah, which might be part of Abu-Dhabi, no embrocation and Belgian booties for t...

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  1. masha’Allah a cracking article and a fantastic effort all through. There are so many experiences we simply do not get being riders vs club riders vs racers, to then take that next step up and attempt to race in a pro race like that is fantastic. I am extr… »

With the writing of our first book supposedly well underway (but in reality being discussed ad-nauseum in the Boardroom rather than actually committed to text), The Rules have at least been getting some form of attention from The Keepers. When deciding which Rules each of us were to curate, no-one really had much idea what exactly was in there; ask...

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  1. @Pedale.Forchetta Spot on that man, i picked up a similar habit from a friend about a decade ago. I used to rotate between highly sweetened turkish coffee, otherwise known as jet fuel or if it was really bloody cold i might even stretch to a hot bovril … »

What is the best pro team kit ever? I’m talking team kit only, not a leader’s jersey, national team jersey or the national champion jersey. Not the worst either, for those are legion and worthy of a much longer article than this. @wiscot and I exchanged emails about Urs Freuler and the fantastic Atala kit which led to quick discussion o...

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  1. @Mikael Liddy Agreed that Mercier BP kit is cracking. »

  2. @All there are so many great team kits, and whilst the Peugot kit of Tom Simpson and the Merino kit of Eddy are in my Top five, my absolute favourites are these. I have them both, in merino wool as well and I absolutely love them. »

The name Laurence Ernest Gunderson is not one that the general public know too well, at least before the events of the past week. The US cyclist was relatively famous within the sport, but ask Joe Average who he was and you’d be met with a blank stare. But now, he’s back-page news on newspapers on lawns, campuses and in those bins out t...

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  1. @All Whilst surfing youtube during a busy day at work today i found this little beauty. That is what I call big ringin’ it. »

We are proud to announce a change to the Velominati Super Prestige moving forward: sponsorship. We are delighted (if a little surprised) at the interest our partners showed in this endeavor, despite the short notice we gave them. Four sponsors will be gracing the sides of our team bus for this year’s race: fi’zi:k is our Super Domesti...

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  1. I only give to Sideburns because I believe he has the stronger team, especially with Cavendish focusing more on the olympics than the green jersey. I am also thinking that Hoogerland is taking red and Sagan is taking Green. Whatever happens I am looking f… »

This is an exciting time of year. The Giro is in the books, the Tour is firmly in everyone’s sights, and those of us with the vaguest idea of how the big race will unfold are prognosticating the loudest as we use races that are proven to reveal fuck-all about what will happen at the Tour to predict what will happen at the Tour.With the Dauphi...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Cunego 2. Sagan 3. Gesink 4. Boonen 5. Kreuzinger »

Keeper Jim and I came across Meg Fisher during an icy-rain Rule #9 training ride on Mercer Island in March. The first thing that struck us was that there was a good rider up the road, one of the few braving those cold, wet, early morning hours. It wasn’t until we caught up to her that we realized she was riding with a prosthetic leg.The thr...

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  1. @MegFisher Thanks for a great article and taking the time out of your busy training schedule to explain the mechanics of your stroke. I found it particularly interesting about the stiffness of the carbon in the foot and the associated feeling that genera… »

After a winter of long training rides that offered more in the way of numb extremities than it did in acute enjoyment, I have to say that the warming of the air and brightening of the skies have served to remind me that while I love riding in bad weather, I certainly don’t have anything against riding when its nice out.But dont think for...

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  1. I would actually like Grimpelder to win but I just dont think he has the team for it considering he will be a marked man but I will be happy to be proved wrong. Basso the Bastardo just looks like its going to be his, although i would be equally happy to b… »

  2. @huffalotpuffalot Oh and the commentary is top notch as well, worth it just for that. »

  3. @All I dont know if any of your guys watched it but the Tour of Turkey was bloody awesome this year. The mountain stage was a killer and Gabrovski absolutely fking nailed it. Awesome grit your teeth and hang on stuff. If you have not seen the tour then wa… »

  4. @scaler911 The only thing that makes me think Cuddles can do the double is that this will be his last chance. I certainly think he is on the way down whilst others are rising like rockets. The next five years of the classics and grand tours are lining u… »

With Keepers Tour: Cobbled Classics 2012 stitched up and in the history books, the challenge of documenting the trip became immediately obvious; how do you take the myriad impressions, experiences, and perspectives and put them down in a meaningful way – let alone in a way that can somehow be digested. Surely, to document even just the Keeper...

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  1. @paolo fking classic!! »

  2. @All Anyone who is interested the Velominati flag flying proud at the Paris Roubaix 2012 is on here for posterity. You can skip to 35:33 and you will see it on the right hand side!! Velominati Flag »

@nate’s take: When @sgt announced the California Cogal I knew a road trip was in my future. Unable to make it for both days for velominatus paterfamilias reasons, the first question was which day. Solvang is a bit closer to the Bay Area but the temptation of a Big Climb was too much and I decided to do Saturday in Santa Barbara. The week ahea...

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  1. nice effort guys and a great read, really enjoyable. »

This is Meg. Keeper Jim and I found Meg spinning loops around Mercer Island, big-ringing the rollers in the pouring rain. Meg likes sunsets, puppies, and had a gerbil named Fränk. Meg doesn’t need bad weather to be considered a badass; Meg rides her bike with one leg, so riding in the rain is hardly a blip on the Badass Radar.Meg Fisher is...

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  1. @calamante agreed! Frank get Meg to fill us in o her peddling, to get on the site and sharei her experience andis knowledge. we know her username will be peglegmeg and she will no doubt have a special badge such as a titanium nail or something of that ilk… »

  2. Fantastic article and a true propagator if the V. I am definitely in the picture for sponsorship and i can ask my company too. I am hoping there will be a nicely placed V sticker on the new carbon prostetic as well as a complimentary V kit heading her way… »