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Composites, microfibers, synthetics. They amaze in their qualities; light, strong, durable – unyieldingly stiff or unimaginably suple, depending on our whim. When modern components arrive on my doorstep, upon lifting the unremarkable cardboard box I often wonder whether there is anything at all inside or if perhaps the person on the other e...

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  1. @Deakus +1 When I think about advances in bike and component design over the past 30 years it has been incredible.  Especially so because the vast majority of the steps have made made bikes lighter, stiffer, faster, safer, more reliable, better in so… »

The first Velominati Scottish Cogal is in the books. Organized and supported by Clan Engine, it looked to be a beautiful Scottish day on the bikes. V-kits and casually deliberate in Callander, this Cogal thing is catching on. VLVV, Gianni Continue reading...

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  1. @itburns Yes, nice write ups which also nicely capture the feeling of riding a bike in Scotland in the Autumn…. ! »

We are the Keepers of the Cog. In so being, we also maintain the sacred text wherein lie the simple truths of cycling etiquette known as The Rules. It is in our trust to maintain and endorse this list.The Rules lie at the beginning of The Path to La Vie Velominatus, not at the end; learning to balance them against one another and to welcome them...

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  1. Yes indeed, likewise! I read Robbie McEwans autobiography recently: One Way Road.  He talks about payments between riders.  I cant recall the details, but I got the impression they were not that unusual.  He also recounts a story where he made an offer t… »

  2. @Deakus No surprises.  But unfortunately nothing new either.  Like doping, there is a long and murky history of payments between riders.  Effectively cheating the spectators out of an honest, may the best man win, race. »

  3. @DerHoggz Ok thanks!  Well at least it confirms that (for a given gear) the small ring *isn’t* better. That’s a relief.  For a second there, I felt a flicker in the fire at the heart of Mount Velomis.  Sensed Jacques Anquetil and Tommy Simpson turning… »

  4. Hmmm. But, a 53/19 gives same “gear inches” as 39/14 On your chart 0.182 “mechanical advantage” (whatever you mean by this, I’m not sure) for the 53/19 and 0.183 for the 39/14. In other words exactly the same. Am I missing something? »

I must admit to not having read most of the cycling memoirs in the Works. I may eventually but the local public library doesn’t carry any of them and never will so I’ll have to buy them or ask Frank to tote everything he has to Hawaii. I did get off my wallet and buy these two and it was money well spent. David Millar and Tyler Hamilton...

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  1. Some good stuff from Jens: Reads well, seems honest…. »

  2. @VeloVita Yes, I see where you’re coming from, good point… Don’t bite the hand that feeds… »

  3. @Dr C Whoa!  Just hang on one cotton pickin’ minute there.  I don’t mind if you want Team Sky to drum out every man and women who’ve ever indulged in a sneaky aspirin to dull the pain in their guns.  Don’t even mind if you think Brailsford’s the next Mo… »

  4. @VeloVita Understand your point, but don’t believe Milar has made a fool of himself.  The reverse.  I’d say he’s shown courage in calling out those elements of the system that he see’s as broken and arguing for change, whether it be the UCI, sponsors, o… »

  5. Frankly, to be charitable for a second, he just sounds like an ageing cycling fan who is struggling to face up to the reality of his fallen heros: listening to what he’s saying, he’s trying to rationalise and get to grips with the situation, like many peo… »

  6. @brett +1 Much more eloquent than I could ever hope to be on the subject.  I know that he insisted his riders had a clean history, but it’s not obvious to me that he ever extended that principle to his staff – this seems like a new position to me. But… »

  7. @Oli Yes, fair point.. it’s just that this “holier than thou” tone from Sky is sticking in my throat a bit…. Well, it’s cold wet and windy outside. Great!  Time to do some pedalling instead of posting…. »

  8. @Oli FFS.  His past is ancient fucking history. And he has paid for his honesty with getting the sack.   Had the pleasure of meeting him a few months ago.  Hard as nails on the surface, but once warmed up a funny guy with a very dry sense of humour.  H… »

Evelyn Stevens was working on Wall Street four years ago and is now the best American women cyclist. How is that possible? Her parents must be enjoying dinner with pulses of 40 bpm and sky high VO2 maxes. Are they both professional marathon runners? Is that how they met? Maybe they have never attempted aerobic sports. If Evelyn has siblings and the...

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  1. GREAT article Gianni! It’s a thought that’s often with me: whether I’m being dropped on the Tuesday night training bash or grinding slowly up an alpine climb whilst communing with butterflies: it’s all my parents fault! Nothing to do with the fact that I… »

The recent headlines being made in the cycling world have honestly not garnered a whole lot of attention at V-HQ, at least where a certain COTHO is concerned. Yes, The Keepers have added to the usual discussions on the topic here, read the news, and given it some thought. But we really don’t feel the need to take any sort of official position...

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  1. @unversio Nice one… Your reference to Rush was like a blast from the past – used to listen to them in a heavy metal phase in the late 70’s!  Didn’t realise they were still at it.  Life in the old dogs yet! »

  2. @Symo Shame on me for my hero worship and fandom! It too easy to condemn. To see the world as black and white. Makes one feel good as well, to wrap oneself in a comforting blanket of condemnation and self righteousness.  No need to analyse, to underst… »

  3. @Dan_R He’s a product of his time. A time when most of the leading cyclists took one or another substance.  Which in his era typically meant stimulants and steroids.  Less potent than EPO of course, but still doping.  Also with some terrible side effect… »

  4. And if you haven’t read it, ‘Slaying the Badger’ by Richard Moore is an entertaining account of LeMond’s rivalry with Hinault.  The mix of camaraderie, rivalry and betrayal makes for a great story.  It’s fully deserving of its place in The Works…. »

  5. Well done Frank.  I was going to suggest Verbruggen be added.  Ricco definitely wins the Stupid C*** prize… »

  6. @Daccordi Rider +1 for that.  We all have our flaws, Millar included.  It’s the human condition.  And I enjoy the irreverence of this site as much as the reverence.  But given what the guy has done, facing up to his past, working actively to clean up th… »

I must admit to not having read most of the cycling memoirs in the Works. I may eventually but the local public library doesn’t carry any of them and never will so I’ll have to buy them or ask Frank to tote everything he has to Hawaii. I did get off my wallet and buy these two and it was money well spent. David Millar and Tyler Hamilton...

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  1. Yes agree with @Chris.  I do understand the other point of view, but I’m convinced Truth and Reconcilliation is the way forward.  It’s hard enough for ex pro cyclists as it is without teams like Sky getting all puritanical and saying you can’t work for th… »

  2. @Deakus Yes that’s very true.  Remember watching that first time around.  I also loved watching Big Mig, remember marvelling at how he rode uphill mostly in the saddle with that massive engine. »

  3. @Deakus He’s from the EPO era.  Whether or not he doped, he rode in that period when the EPO ball was kicked onto the pitch.  The same ball that Riis, Ullrich and Lance picked up and ran with… … and he was never the sharpness knife in the drawer. »

  4. Yup, at least the third loop is photoshopped.  Someone is pulling your plonker, yanking your chain….. Need to see the whole chain to see how to untangle it… »