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Velominatus: Adrian

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Adrian has not set up a V-Profile.

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It’s no secret that I’m prone to riding in the big ring as much as possible, mostly on account of my not being a giant sissy. In accordance with the ISO Non-Sissy Standard, I also never read instruction manuals or ask for directions when lost. I make sure to only rarely ask my VMH to turn up the radio when Adele comes on, usually follo...

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  1. I think the advice about trying to break your handlebars if you want to go faster is true – I seem to get a bit more speed when I’m trying to pull those damn handlebars in to a crazy new shape*. I try not to over-do it, partly because of Rule #23, but als… »

The illusion of transparency is perhaps the most important tool the Velominatus has in their toolbox, apart from having some measure of competence, being Casually Deliberate at all times, Looking Fantastic, and being able to dish out and endure heaping helpings of The V.Cycling is suffering, and one of the most crucial lessons we have to learn is t...

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  1. I rode home from work one day last week with a guy who is faster than me. We were riding steadily at about 32-34 kph in to a moderate headwind. At one point, as the traffic started to speed up and we had to merge back over to the near-side he started to a… »