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We close out the 6 Days of the Giro with our sixth and final installment.A body at rest, stays at rest. A body in motion, stays in motion. Things get a bit more ambiguous when it comes to a body on a bicycle tearing down a twisty mountain descent at speed, particularly in the rain. But it is here, on the boundary between clarity and ambiguity, wher...

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  1. Great read as always, another important part of the pro peloton seems to be their ability to take a fall. We saw the first week of the Giro a Nibali sliding through the tarmac as much as 7 meters, quickly picking himself up and continue with his madness! … »

The Velominati site has drawn out many interesting, talented people these last few years, from frame builders to custom V-bar plug makers. We all know @pedale.forchetta as a Moots riding, bidon cage disdaining Italian cyclist. What’s not to love already… and generous too? From the beginning he has been sharing his photos with us all:...

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  1. Il Dolore is such a great blog, love it. You should post a list of authentic sources of inspiration. I find a lot of cycling content on the web but most of it is about fixed gear bikes out of their natural environment and being horribly tweaked and decora… »

The Olympic track racing fires off tomorrow and it’s time to remember an event discarded to the bin of noble sports.The Olympic roster of events is constantly evolving and devolving which is why we are now watching synchronized diving as an Olympic sport. What a world, what a world. Maybe it’s a sign of me getting too old but it makes m...

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  1. This is another cool tandem video: »