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  1. Great article! As a flat-lander (a half mile climb at 5% is a mountain where I ride), I often wonder what goes through the mind of someone climbing to heaven… This is very insightful.  I can only imagine my mind would start by being full of swearing, an… »

There are many revered places in Cycling, places that are instantly recognisable, places that command their own special page in history and in our memories for the great battles held upon them. Most likely the names you’ll think of first would be the great mountain climbs of the Grand Tours, l’Alpe d’Huez, Ventoux, Zoncolan, Stelv...

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  1. Love that kit. And the link to the track lines, masterful in my humble opinion. And reading your description of riding onto the velodrome at Roubaix made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and I wasn’t even there! Talk about riding with the ghosts… »

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  1. @kixsand Sgins like “Minimum Maintenance,” “Road Closed,” and “Bridge Out” are like a siren song. You just have to see what it looks like. And that picture is great! It tells a story on its own! »

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement. The 2012 Gravel Worlds, which is what the write-up was about, was certainly less hot, which probably led to a little overconfidence going in to this year’s race, which made the ego bruising of not finishing that much… »

Yes, we got piss drunk after the 2012 Seattle Summer Cogal and dreamed up the V-to-V Stage Cogal: epic riding, vertical, a real challenge. It was indeed all that.Sadly, there was one element missing: @eightzero on the road. Turns out I had made all kinds of plans for individuals to serve a Director Sportif. And each and every one of them fell throu...

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  1. @Mac Me too! Although, just the thought of it has me looking over my shoulder for Mr. Hammer… »

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  1. @V-inden I thought of two more for you: Queen and Elton John. »

  2. Well guys, I wish I could tell you that today’s edition of Gravel Worlds was a rousing success, but the 100 degree (Fahrenheit, I have no idea what that is in new money and I’m too exhausted to find out) heat and the associated “heat casualty” I nearly be… »

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone! It just so happens that Gianni put this up on the eve of this year’s Gravel Worlds. I’m currently carb (beer) loading for tomorrow’s sufferfest.  If anyone is interested, check out their website, … »

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  1. This is a well, written, and very timely article. For us in central Nebraska it’s that time when we’re about to be saved by the changing weather from our slowly expanding beer guts, and the nearly suicidal boredom that the last few months on the indoor tr… »