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Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Ashlandia, Oregon

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Behind every great rider, there’s a great soigneur. The right hand man, the go-to guy, who tends every whim of his rider, feeding, watering, mending and massaging. Behind the humble Velominatus Regularus, however, there’s a string of injuries, tight muscles, bad posture and aching guns. We are our own soigneurs, and if you’re like...

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  1. That’s why I’ve sent my VMH to massage therapy school.  She’ll be licensed in a few months.  In the meantime, I’m her practice body. »

Rules! Hear me fools: The Rules mark the beginning of the path to enlightenment, not the end. There are higher planes, expanding dimensions. Beyond the color of your bar tape exists a man, a mountain, and a bike. This is where the world begins.Keeper Jim wrote this, reporting on his utilitarian climb of Mount Ventoux. He posts less than the rest of...

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  1. Nailed it, @Gianni. For the last couple of months as I’ve bashed my way down singletrack on the 29er I hand-built.  After living on road bikes for the past 30 years, this new path of sliding over rocks and roots has been an interesting experience.  I loo… »

It wasn’t so long ago that the majority of bicycles were made by hand, from raw materials, in places that aren’t China or Taiwan. While some of these artisans are still around, their wares are increasingly harder to come by, and to procure an example of their work means an outlay of time and money which is more than most are willing to...

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  1. I was trying to figure out how to fit this into “The Bikes”, but knew it wasn’t right, since it’s a 29er. But it’s handbuilt.  I cut and welded the frame, I built the wheels, I spec’d (with the VMH’s [also the CFO’s] approval) the components and put it a… »

  2. @Bianchi Denti – all is good, Richard.  Having a great time spending my days wrenching and learning to build bikes.  The welding is OK, but coming along.  Luckily when I build the titanium frame I’ll have Mike DeSalvo standing over my shoulder.  He’s our … »

  3. Great timing, Brett. I just finished building my first frame last week, lugged steel destined for town riding more than the wide open roads.  I just need to build it up and get it moving. Next month’s titanium frame will be for whatever speed I can eke … »

Come Ride the VVhidbey Island CogalWe rode in 2011. @cyclops killed us all at km 0. Continue reading...

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  1. Come Ride the VVhidbey Island Cogal

    We rode in 2011. @cyclops killed us all at km 0.

    We rode in 2012. The wind and rollers killed us all day.

    It is now 2013. Do you love the work? Do you miss TMWTH? Do you enjoy riding some of the most gorgeous island routes Western Washignton has to offer? If you answer with three (trois) yeses, then this Cogal is for you.

    We plan the same route as 2011 and 2012. A no drop, casually deliberate ride on October 5, 2013. Bring your directions, the road has choices, and maybe (maybe) you don’t want to get lost. Bring supplies, as Coupeville is the only, but most logical place for refuel and rewater.

    In keeping with the ferry schedule and change in season daylight, we plan a V past VV start. Note that coin operated showers are available at the Langley marina. Bring quarters. Mo’s Pub and Eatery in Langley has post ride food and malted recovery beverages, including the kind that come from a far off land renowned for its Islay and Highland (inter alia) versions.

    Ride directions here

    Start/end: South Whidbey Island Commons and CoffeeHouse, 124 2nd Street Langley, WA 98260

    Event Details

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    Date - October 05, 2013
    10:05 AM - 5:30 PM

    South Whidbey Island Commons and CoffeeHouse

    Cogal Details
    Route Details

    Ride Classification

@prowrench is throwing down the greasy gauntlet. There is truth in his words. We already understand the gap between the professional cyclist and us civilians extends somewhere over the horizon. We can ride the bikes, wear nice kit and ride the race routes but that’s about as close as we can get. No one is paying us to ride. We are not Pros. B...

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  1. @Marko You have for the past 60 days.  And came home to a complete home »

  2. @Marko  Marko – you do not need to be riding that frame until it’s been evaluated by someone more qualified than those that lurk here. And after seeing you standing on the side of the pavé there in France, I figured you’d be a bit more leary of riding… »

  3. @Barracuda Avoid Harbor Freight, etc. CDI Torque is a subsidiary of Snap-On.  The quality without the price, but expect to spend north of $100. And if you really must only allow Italian engineering to touch your Campagnolo gruppo, look at the Effetto … »

  4. Quite a fun thread to read, especially after spending the last week taking UBI’s “Intro to Bicycle Maintenance”.  This is after wrenching on my own bikes for the past 25 years, but knowing when to fold and take it to someone who knew what they were doing … »

Imagine a world without the little things we take for granted; a house without a roof, a pub with no beer, a Keepers Tour without any clothes. The last one is a reality for me at the moment, five days in and still no trace of where the hell between Wellington and Paris my bag (filled with V-Kit, shoes, helmet, everything) is. The other thing that h...

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  1. There was the Velominati flag on the second ascent of the Oude Kwaremont.  Same spot as last year, but looks like Frank decided to mount it to the barrier.  Good call, since I’m sure William is cursing the rapidly dwindling supply of Malteni – “Fur fook s… »

March 29, 2013 – April 8, 2013 // Lille, France // Event Details // Book Now Continue reading...

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  1. March 29, 2013 – April 8, 2013 // Lille, France // Event Details // Book Now

    The Hardmen. They inspire us; we aspire to be one among them. They are the solitary voice among the thousands in our heads that tell us to keep pushing when all the others tell us to stop. Their long shadows look on in approval as we pull on our cold and wet weather gear and head out into the elements to ride.

    Every serious Cyclist is a hard man or woman; it comes with the territory. But to be given the title of Hardman, one must be more than just tough. The Hardmen stand out among the rest as the ones who ride over the savage, jagged cobblestones of Northern Europe with a souplesse that is possessed only by those riders who thrive in the most torturous of road cycling’s domains: The Cobbled Classics of Northern Europe.

    Velominati has partnered up with Pavé Cycling Classics, based in Northern France, to offer the chance to walk where Giants tread and pedal through the trench of Arenberg and up the devastating cobbled steeps of the Koppenberg and Kapelmuur. To pedal with the Pros during their reconnaissance of the Paris-Roubaix route.

    As if that isn’t good enough, we offer the opportunity to do all this with Johan Museeuw, the last Lion of Flanders.

    Velominati’s Keepers Tour: Cobbled Classics 2013 will be hosted and guided by the Velominati Keepers in partnership with Pavé Cycling Classics over nine days in April during the most sacred time of the season, the week when de Ronde van Vlaanderen and Paris Roubaix are held. The trip is all-inclusive and covers lodging, meals, energy drink, energy bars, and sag support. Bikes are available and included in the price should you wish not to bring your own.

    The friendships forged over the 2012 edition of Keepers Tour with 9 days of riding the cobbles of Flanders and Northern France, drinking the best of Belgian beer, and eating the finest French cuisine leave an indelible mark on not only the Keepers, but all those who attend. Cycling has that ability to bring people together, and we count ourselves very blessed to have met such a great bunch of souls who we are proud to call our mates.

    For 2013, we have trimmed the fat and added a bunch of amazing treats for you. Not only will we be riding the Pavé du Nord, the steeps of Liége and the Kasseien of Flanders, we will be doing it with a very special guest; The Lion of Flanders himself, Johan Museeuw. Last year we had the pleasure of an afternoon with Johan, riding some of the Gent-Wevelgem route and enjoying a few beers after. This time, you can witness firsthand how to float across the stones of Arenberg and charge up the Kapelmuur from the master… how many cyclists are able to say that?

    Take this unique opportunity to be part of an experience that everyone attending will never forget, or regret.

    Provisional Itinerary

    • Friday : Pick up midday, travel to gite and get bikes setup
    • Saturday : Paris-Roubaix with Johan Museeuw (last 150km)
    • Sunday : Watch de Ronde van Vlaanderen at the Oude Kwaremont
    • Monday: Visit the Roeselare National Bicycle Museum & go for an easy ride around Kemmel
    • Tuesday:  Liège-Bastogne- Liège with Johan Museeuw
    • Wednesday: Track riding at the Eddy Merckx Velodrome in Gent then watch the GP Escault (Scheldeprijs) pro race
    • Thursday: Paris Roubaix reconaissance ride with the Pros
    • Friday: Brunehaut brewery visit and meet with Pro Team (Omega-Pharma Quickstep or AG2R)
    • Saturday: Ronde Van Vlaanderen with Johan Museeuw (150km)
    • Sunday: Watch Paris Roubaix at three secteurs (Valenciennes, Arenberg, l’Arbre); optional stay at gite on Sunday night

    Price: 3990€, All inclusive price includes rides with Johan Museeuw, accommodation for 9 nights, breakfast, lunch, dinner, beer, wine, insurance coverage, sag support, Pavé’s custom Cyfac rental bikes (upon request), exclusive V-Lion V-Shirts, exclusive Keepers Tour V-Pint, exclusive V-Mussette, and Pavé Cycling Classics jersey. Plus swag from our sponsors.

    At this time we are accepting reservations for the full Keepers Tour, and now we also include weekend and daily packages. Once the reservation is confirmed, we will collect a 20% deposit with the balance due upon arrival in Lille.

    Attendees should be comfortable riding in groups and be able to ride 150km several times in a week at a 28-30kph pace; some groups may elect to go faster but these are non-competitive rides. There will be lots of cobbles, and lots of short, steep climbs – sometimes both at the same time, so prepare yourself accordingly. We will usually have sag support, and riders who are unable to keep up may be asked to climb in the car. Or to Survive on V.


    There is a problem with our booking form; please email to register.


    Bookings are closed for this event.

    Event Details

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    Date - March 29, 2013 - April 07, 2013
    12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

    Gare de Lille Flandres

    Cogal Details
    Route Details

Ok, as some of you have been reminding us, this one slipped off the radar last year, and threatened to do the same again this time. Is it because it’s held in Canada? That despite a quality field and only two weeks away from the Worlds, it’s in Canada? That even though the course is a perfect template for riders who hold hopes for earni...

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  1. Complete crap shoot!  But I swore I wouldn’t Delgado the next VSP. VSP PICKS: 1. Sagan 2. Hesjedal 3. Garrans 4. Chavanal 5. Boasson Hagen »

The modern cyclist, as they enter the sport, will find themselves purchasing a set of shoes which contain a cleat that clips into the pedals on their bike. It should come as no surprise, then, that the term we use for the action of engaging shoe to pedal is “clip in”. Obviously, this style of pedals is thusly called the “clipless...

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  1. The improvement in technology was immediately telling. Number of times falling over at a stop sign, unable to get a foot disengaged from the pedal: Clip era: 3 Clipless era:  3 »

One of the loveliest things about the Grand Tours is that you get a feel, by the nature of the route, of the country’s landscape and physical qualities. Italy is littered with mountains and coasts, France is bordered by mountains with large swaths of open landscape throughout, and Spain is like Tatooine; mostly desert with some rocky outcropp...

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  1. Yep.  Delgado’d. »

You can all wave “goodbye” to your Post GT Depression Syndrome, because the Men’s Olympic Road Race is only three days yonder. I don’t typically give two shits about this particular event; while contested by national teams, unlike the Worlds it appears as just another one-day race on a calendar filled with events that carry...

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  1. Well, I picked well. »

What a difference four years can make. In Beijing, Nicole Cooke was the dominant rider in Women’s Cycling, taking wins in every important race on the Women’s calendar for several years running. Fast finish, good in the hills, good against the clock, she helped give context to what we mean by the term “all rounder”.Four year...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Vos 2. Armstrong 3. Arndt 4. Hughes 5. Cooke »

You can all wave “goodbye” to your Post GT Depression Syndrome, because the Men’s Olympic Road Race is only three days yonder. I don’t typically give two shits about this particular event; while contested by national teams, unlike the Worlds it appears as just another one-day race on a calendar filled with events that carry...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Cav 2. Greipel 3. Boonen 4. Sagan 5. Farrar »

We are proud to announce a change to the Velominati Super Prestige moving forward: sponsorship. We are delighted (if a little surprised) at the interest our partners showed in this endeavor, despite the short notice we gave them. Four sponsors will be gracing the sides of our team bus for this year’s race: fi’zi:k is our Super Domesti...

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  1. Great finish to LeTour. I was wondering how it was all playing out.  But I was busy in the stands at Hockenheim, watching Fernando Alonso take the race, from pole to line, in today’s Formula 1 race in Hockenheim. A good day of racing. »

Which bold rider has this stage circled in their tour bible? Wednesday July 18th, Stage 16, 197 km. The day after a the final rest day. A climbing day with two HC climbs followed by two Category 1 climbs and a serious descent toward the finish. The Aubisque, Tourmalet, Aspin and Peyresourde: you better be a fearless climber and a good descender, bu...

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  1. FIIK. But it will be fun to see a few turn themselves inside out and a few explode.  Once I get home from my flat-as-a-pancake 16km commute. VSP PICKS: 1. Sörensen 2. Voeckler 3. Froome 4. Pinot 5. Scarponi »

During the 1969 Tour de France, Felice Gimondi and Ray Poulidor were fined for taking a ride from a lorry up the Tourmalet. What about Merkcx? Well, he was towing the lorry.Its an old joke, but like any good joke, it stays funny no matter how many times you hear it. I bet it’s even funnier if you know what a lorry is. I knew a girl named Lori...

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  1. Frackin’ no evening recap for Eurosport today, so it’s just a reread of the ticker.  So a complete crapshoot for tomorrow, not being able to see how they all looked.  Not that it would matter with my picks. Beer me. VSP PICKS: 1. Nibbles 2. VdB 3. Casa… »

We are proud to announce a change to the Velominati Super Prestige moving forward: sponsorship. We are delighted (if a little surprised) at the interest our partners showed in this endeavor, despite the short notice we gave them. Four sponsors will be gracing the sides of our team bus for this year’s race: fi’zi:k is our Super Domesti...

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  1. @snoov Reports of Greipel dislocating his shoulder in that first crash. You can’t discount the fact that he was able to horse his right shoulder through the sprint while protecting his left. As someone who’s genetically disposed to a loose shoulder (lef… »

  2. Frack!  With Stage 7 being just two hours down the road, we were looking forward to standing on the slopes tomorrow and screaming.  Unfortunately, the creeping crud has worked its way through the house. But no matter.  The damage was done today. »

  3. @brett – we had a good laugh yesterday while thinking of you. At the start area in Liege, we were standing on one side of the barrier and Jasmine Van Summeren was directly on the other, just inches away.  She was telling one of the other wives/girlfriend… »

  4. I’ll be rocking the KT t-shirt tomorrow for Stage 1, but the profile won’t allow for a good crazed fan TV shot.  So that will have to wait until next Saturday’s Stage 7. Fronk, if you Fed-Ex the flag, I can work it in next Saturday’s feed. VSP PICKS: 1… »