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Mountain Biker Primarily - Road Rider Hack.... Love everything about bikes from the traditions to the machines.

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Riding a bicycle involves much more than just pushing the pedals around in a perfect sweep of muscular elegance while Looking Fantastic at all times. There are all sorts of soft skills involved like learning to shift properly, learning to corner properly, learning to crash properly, learning to criticize a fellow rider’s puncture-repair te...

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  1. This may be the worst cycling photo ever. It also brings to mind a quote from Bull Durham. ” If you win 20 in the show, you can let the fungus grow back and the press’ll think you’re colorful. Until you win 20 in the show, however, it means you are a slob… »

Ok all you roadies, listen up. You’re not gonna like what I’m about to tell you, but it’s the truth. And sometimes, the truth hurts. You ready?Road cycling owes a lot to mountain biking. Continue reading...

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  1. She Does It Right – Gravity Mafia from MWM Associates on Vimeo. Can’t hate all the cousins….. »

  2. @frank let’s not forget the guys who cut their teeth on the World XC MTB circuit and went on to race, and sometimes win, some of the GT’s Cuddles – Sagan – Peraud – Ryder – and Tommy D to name a few. »

  3. @frank Holy shit that was funny! »

Forget quick-release skewer, the mechanical derailleur, carbon frames, or disc wheels. Never mind clipless pedals or brake-mounted shifters. Scratch those deep-section road wheels, lightweight helmets, or miracle fabrics.The most important innovation in Cycling had nothing to do with those incremental advances, but rather with the invention of Cycl...

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  1. file://localhost/Users/brianparkerMacBook%20HD/Desktop/BQrgxv-CIAEwP6f.jpg-large.jpeg »

  2. Who could forget this.. »

Although he was already an active community member, I began my friendship with Dan Richter in early 2012 after he reached out to me regarding some wheels he wanted us to take along on Keepers Tour: Cobbled Classics 2012. At the time, he was an amateur wheel builder making some money on the side selling his wheels on eBay. Like many of us in this co...

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  1. Glad this worked out for Dan. Glad we were all able to help spread the word! »

The only people I would care to be with now are artists and people who have suffered: those who know what beauty is, and those who know what sorrow is: nobody else interests me. – Oscar WildeI have a theory that every living being is designed to cope with a certain level of stress in their lives, that if our lives are somehow free of stress,...

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  1. @frank – chapeau! “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars” K.G. Read more at »

Flies and dogs, two things that we don’t need on a climb.I had descended down this street many times, but I had never before ridden up it. I even said hello to the two excited pitbulls on the other side of the driveway gate. I like dogs. I like them until one of them squeezes under the gate and I’m going uphill slowly. Pitbulls arenR...

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  1. Then there’s this little guy who was clearly hired by the grupetto to slow down the race »

  2. I am always amazed at the complex geometry that dogs (animals) can do in their heads while running at top speed. I have a black and white mixed breed (boarder collie/shepard mix) on one of my routes that blasts out from under his coniferous den at top spe… »

No words survive here, only echoes. Echoes of our hopes, of our plans, of our failures. What we thought we might do when we came here is little more than a shadow; it flickers on the walls for a moment and when we turn to look, it is gone. Doubts swell up and bounce off the walls until they become so loud they can no longer be heard.Once we’ve en...

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  1. @frank If I ever lined up next to a guy at a race looking like this my first response would be shiiiiiitt….. »

Saddle bags have no place on a road bike, and are only acceptable on mountain bikes in extreme cases.Saddle bags: how do we define them? Is it a saddle bag if it attaches to the seat post and the saddle, if it has a zipper, if it is leather, has two natty straps with buckles, if it swings below the saddle like bumper bollocks? Continue reading...

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  1. @frank I’m not sure what’s sexier the girl or the bike or does the bike increase the sexiness of the girl or vice verse… excellent picture of why some girls just plain rule. »

There has been some gravel fever going around; there is a lot of talk of new bikes and new routes. I don’t live in gravel country and have not caught the disease, yet. @Antoniv submitted this tale of gravel. It’s a bit long but the race was long too. For those of us who haven’t caught the bug, this might help, or hurt. Either way,...

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  1. @Antoniv Great article! to quote one of my favorite movies… “every many has his breaking point, you and I have them…” this year you hit yours…No worries, you left it on the road and can come back stronger next year. »

Everyone knows that the quality of one’s character is measured by the size gear they can push, particularly when going uphill. It is also a well-established fact that no self-respecting Flemish Pro would ever ride a Compact, no matter what condition their knees are in or how ferocious the gradient. Which, by extension, means that Compacts are...

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  1. As a mountain biker first who has now crossed over to the smoother side of things, the compact feels right for me at this point. I do feel like I’m cheating and hope to grow up to the full 53-39 soon. I’m always in awe as I watch the pros climb in the big… »

Cycling has been suffering a crisis every since the use of a helmet became compulsory. This crisis is rooted in the simple fact that cycling peaked aesthetically with the cycling cap perched casually deliberate atop a sweaty cranium. It was only after mandatory helmet dictum spread its tentacles into all UCI-sanctioned races in 2003 that helmet man...

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  1. @brianparker77 another »

  2. @Brian »

  3. »

  4. @Gianni This guy rules…. »

  5. @frank Damn you’re good. »

This is possibly the most offensive piece of gear I have encountered on a bike. Do you really need a little orange wand to tell you what gear you’re in? There is only one gear to be in: the hardest one at which you can still make the pedals go around in something resembling a circle.These goofy little things were found on the bike I rented la...

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  1. @wiscot Very good point about the yellow lenses and heightened visi-awareness. I have seen this movie too many times to count and it still never gets old. Like watching the 1994 Paris-Roubaix. »

  2. I’ve been reading a lot of posts on this site lately that use the term “does it really matter…” “its good enough” or ” you’re being a little too serious”. Have we all gone mental and forgot where we are? In the immortal words of Walter Sobchak “Has the… »

There are lots of things to like about Vroomie Froomie, like his willingness to accept the fact that people are inclined to question his performances. Aside from me resenting him for leading a Tour which everyday becomes a little less exciting, he seems quite a likable guy; he is polite, respectful of the sport, wears team-issue bibs with his yell...

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  1. @frank if I remember correctly he’s wearing them again today in Tour Yellow instead of his usual virgin white. Is it possible Oakley did not have them on hand? »

  2. Thank you for pointing out the class he has by staying with the team bibs and yellow jersey as to not look like a d bag (i.e. P.Rolland).  His “style” may be horrid but he’s at least got some class. »

The early eighties saw the tide change in the European Peloton. Components were taking on a new, curvy shape as they left their boxy forms behind. The glint of toe clips in the sun would become a rarer sight as the move towards clipless pedals would take hold in 1985. English speakers were winning the big races classically won by continental Pros.T...

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  1. here we go….less than 24hrs. VSP PICKS: 1. Froome 2. Van Garderen 3. Contador 4. Rodriguez 5. Evans »

We close out the 6 Days of the Giro with our sixth and final installment.A body at rest, stays at rest. A body in motion, stays in motion. Things get a bit more ambiguous when it comes to a body on a bicycle tearing down a twisty mountain descent at speed, particularly in the rain. But it is here, on the boundary between clarity and ambiguity, wher...

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  1. @Tobin – I have the same thoughts streaking through my head as well, especially the “where do I go if I flat…” Glad i’m not alone…lol »