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Started road racing in 1987 in VT. Raced through college at UVM and then fell away from the true path and started running. Have been back now for about five years. Currently riding a 2007 Eddy Merkcx Premium SL with 2009 Dura-Ace STI groupo, Mavic Premium SL wheelset, Selle San Marco saddle and Cinelli stem and handlebars, a dream of a bike for me. Recently acquired a 1992 Team Motorola Eddy Merckx with all circa 1992 componentry. she has quickly become Bike #2. Also have a Lemond Poprad CX for bike #3. Still looking for bike #4 (i.e. n+1).

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Did everyone got tired of seeing a nearly naked Marcel Kittel on the massage table for the Tour’s VSP page? I know I didn’t. Young Kennaugh will be sporting his British road race jersey and his proper shoe/sock pairing in this Vuelta. Get used to it. Ladies and gentleman we have a race. We have some Giro winners, we have some Tour...

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  1. @wiscot Looks like someone had a case of the Schleks today.  Karma for kitting up so fuckingly horribly! »

  2. @wiscot HA!  Yeah, had to cruise over and see what the V site reaction was to poor Quintana going head-over-heels today and saw your Sparty comment.  Being a true Boonen-Lover I could not let your post go without throwing some more gas on that fire! But … »

  3. @wiscot These days?  THESE DAYS???  Guy’s has been fuckin whingin’ for YEARS!!!  “If I stopped to take a piss they would have all stopped with me”, etc, etc, etc.  Fuckin Boonen tows the entire pack to the velodrome and beats them and says,”Yeah, bit r… »

  4. “Fuckin’ Quintana… that creep can roll” right over his handlebars, into the ditch and straight out of the Top 5.  Fuck me!  What a day. See 1:40 »

I bought a Road ID the day I learned of Jon Lennard’s death on August 12, 2013. Someone in the posts of the original announcement of his passing (below) mentioned he was identified by his Road ID. Of course he had a Road ID. What I knew of him made that perfect. So responsible and sensible.The nature of this community is a strange thing; we d...

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  1. @Nate Great point about the +1 badge.  Perhaps it should be the @itburns badge, no? »

  2. @Rob See post number 192 on this thread (next to last one). As for @itburns, to paraphrase the Bard, Ride on Brother, for  “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he today that f… »

  3. @HHHeartache Very, very excellent but in true @itburns fashion I will modify it just a bit with tongue in cheek a la our Austin Cogal: Wind and rain lashing A steep hill keeps on upward Fuck, another flat »

  4. Fuck.  One year we’ve been without him.    Throw a leg over the top tube today and then raise a glass to itburns tonight.  Good, good man gone. »

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  1. @Ron Don’t encourage me, man.  I’m trying to cut back on my pissy comments! @wiscot YES!  I feel my French love coming back! (Was soooo in love with a young French lady when I lived there for a month in my junior year of high school-ahhhh, sweet Fr… »

Brad Wiggins is sitting at home, watching his team implode at a Tour de France he was not invited to.What’s on his mind? An attempt at the Hour Record, that’s what. Now that the UCI has allowed riders to mount a conventional (track) time trial machine in their efforts and the likes of Boardman, Obree, Moser, Rominger, and Indurain all...

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  1. @frank This was sooo much fun following the live feed last year.  We need to have more events where Frahnk kills himself and we can all sit back and laugh and get fucked up in our own houses at the same time. »

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  1. @KW Both a couple of Twats on a Bike in my opinion (which no one really gives a shit about but that’s cool). »

  2. @Harminator No shit, eh???  He is SERIOUSLY f&*ked up in that video! »

  3. @Harminator Nice!  He certainly seemed to get f&*ked from behind today, no? »

  4. Wow!  What a stage!  And now we have 3 Frenchmen in the Top 6 at the almost 2/3rd point of the tdf.  When was the last time that happened?  Just praying for a Malmerde meltdown and then it will be perfect! »

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  1. @KW Oh shit, going down the rabbit hole here.  Oh well, where are the pills, Alice? “Within the rules” and “doing what is right and honourable” are two different things.  I have raced bikes, skis, running races, and fought martial art tournaments all o… »

  2. @Geraint Agreed.  Within the rules or not, for a sport struggling to gain viewership, exposure and respect, this is pure shit. »

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  1. @Rob  :)  When is your ride up here?  Do you still have my personal email?  Please send me a message so we can link up! And for good measure, FUCK SPARTY and the fuck’in limping horse he rides on! »

  2. @xyxax Seconded.  I agree with you on this one Gianni.  Like shooting fish in a barrel.  Have some self respect, people! »

  3. @Gianni Gianni:  JEEEEZHUS man, do you have naked posters of Sparty up in your place?  The guy’s such a fuck’in wanker.  I have tried to get behind him for years and then he whines about being marked in Flanders and Roubaix every fuck’in year, and then… »

  4. Fuck’in Sparty!  Just when I thought I was starting to warm up to him he pulls this shit out: Sad fuckin day when Cuntador and Nibbles are more manly on a pave’ stage… »

  5. Another amazing show by a GC guy on the Pave’.  First Wiggo’s Top Ten at P-R and now Nibbles showing today.  I understand why they do not ride them every spring but I sure wish they would.  Who knew that Nibbles would go so well in such shit conditions on… »

  6. Wonder if anyone bet that he would crash out today kind of like how some people correctly bet that Suarez would bite someone at the World Cup this year. »

  7. Interesting to note as well that he abandoned before he had ridden any of the pave’ sectors.  Is the road slick today?  Liveticker not really saying. »

  8. They just don’t make Grand Tour contenders like they used to, eh?  Wiggo with the last laugh, esp as he did so well at PR this year. »

  9. The Liveticker (stuck at work, no live streaming) said that the peloton would most likely sit up and wait for Froome and that had me wondering about it.  In the one day P-R race, that is part of the race and it waits for no one.  I wonder what the interna… »