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Velominatus: C50Inglese

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: London

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Has anyone heard? Jeff in PetroMetro has a Look. So does Marcus. So does Ron, and probably some others who haven’t told us (over and over and over). So does Cyclops. His old bike – his Cannonwhale – suffered from a mathematical challenge more so than it did from one of performance.Look is a brand that holds a seat at the table of...

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  1. Where did the anti-English comment come from? I have a Cervelo, a Pegorettl and a C50 in my cellar. Keep your Look. You should have waited for the 695, anyway. »

You don’t have to be in Flanders very long before you start to breathe in the history of the area. Horrible things have happened in the fields across Northern France and Belgium, like the Battle of Waterloo and the Battle of the Bulge. These are the kinds of things that hang in the air for centuries; they seep into your blood.There is a famou...

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  1. @jimmy Nice one Jimmy. »