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There must still be a few readers out there who have not followed the Dutch Monkey down the merry tubular path; for them I offer an update on an alternative. Road tubeless has been lauded as the best thing to happen to cycling since the introduction of seatpins. These have been around for years but the road version has not gathered the expected mom...

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  1. I’ve had two straight seasons with no flats on Hutchinson Fusions and Dura Ace C24s. No way would I ever go back to tubes. »

It’s a classic tactic. The day’s break is caught and before anyone has time to decide what to do about it, you counter-attack. Already tired from chasing the break, maybe – just maybe – the suckers you tricked into pulling for you will let you get away.That was Beccia’s plan in the 1986 Milan-San Remo. He attacked right as the...

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  1. “Greg LeMond – America’s greatest-ever cyclist…” Nice.  I believe I’ll start using that one, too. »

In our continuing guest article series, @eightzero weighs in on the modern cycling jersey. It’s made of some unholy material which has a half-life of fifty years and unless you crash in it, it’s still in your kit drawer. Yours in Cycling, Gianni Continue reading...

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  1. @DerHoggz Bamboo is a joke – it’s really just rayon. A microweight merino wool layer is great in summer, if you need a base layer. »

The French call it la fringale. It’s one of the worst conditions that can befall a cyclist, this, when our reserves are tapped dry and yet we still have some distance to ride and some obstacle to cover. It’s happened to me twice in my life, and one of them was when I rode Haleakala in January. Of course, I haven’t looked up the e...

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  1. Frank – it seems Ryder Hesjedal has the record: 2:32:51. I say you challenge him head-to-head and crush him. »

Jarvis has been with us for most of the last year, and throughout has dropped hints about a back injury that not only kept him off his bike, but laying flat on his back in the floor. On the anniversary of the accident that caused the injury and as we start to look towards and plan for the next season, Jarvis for the first time recalls for us what h...

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  1. Jarvis – So sorry to read this, but glad you’re improving. Often, athletes who endure enforced layoffs come back stronger than ever. Here’s hoping you’re one of those. »

La Vie Velominatus. It is the life we, as Velominati, lead. It is life as a disciple of cycling, of the greater meaning the bike holds and the lessons it teaches us. Along the path, one of our great duties is the wholesale consumption of the great Works related to our sport. From periodicals to books to films, herin lies the list of works conside...

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  1. May I suggest this addition from Velopress? It’s full of photos I’d never seen before and the sheer Pro-ness, especially the cover shot of Rick van Looy, should mesmerize anyone committed to the sanctity of The Rules. Especially Rule #5. And 10. »