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  1. @CerveloVan 2 days in a row outdoors! Today however, the wind Frank encountered came to Vancouver. Riding back into Vancouver over Lions Gate bridge was a bit white-knuckle, but a glorious ride nonetheless. »

  2. The glory of a bike ride with bare legs and on Bike Number 1 was mine yesterday, and looks like again today, and perhaps even a club ride on Saturday. (Vancouver, BC, just up the road from you).  I have been doing 4-5 days a week on the trainer, so gettin… »

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  1. Love it »

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  1. One of my favourite (yes, Canadian spelling) articles. I see quite a few hard-ass female riders in my club here in Vancouver, but lacking in the top-end and middle ranges. Meaning, there are the racers, the A group so to speak. They are tough as nails. Th… »