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The Prophet was very clear on how best to ride an individual Time Trial; start as fast as possible and finish as fast as possible. As for the middle, his advice was to ride that as fast as possible.The same can be said of climbing; as we covered in Part I and Part II of the Sur La Plaque series, the key to climbing well is to hit the bottom as ha...

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  1. Not “Éclatant de la panache,” but “Éclatant de panache.” Take the “la” away… »

Sometimes, getting the job done means doing it by any means necessary. Football coaches, who have just seen their team scrape out a win by a dour defensive effort and a lucky goal, refer to it as “winning ugly”. But any true Velominatus would rather lose photogenically than win ugly. In fact, our credo could well be “it’s no...

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  1. Not “Le Farce,” but “La Farce.” Not “Le Grande Farce,” but “La Grande Farce.” Piau Engaly does not mean anything in French… But Escartin will always be remembered as the Ugliest Rider ever ! Great article ! »

I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop in the Lance affair. That is a long wait. And I’m burned out on the whole doping subject so it’s great @wiscot writes up a profile of Charlie Mottet. Here is a man whose sock height I can believe in. VLVV, Gianni Continue reading...

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  1. The picture speaks for itself and Charly Mottet, too ! ;) »

“Becky? Yeah, its Jean-Paul with the Podium Girl Selection Committee. No, I don’t know how I landed this job either, and I’m not about to ask any questions because its a pretty cool job. I’m calling you about the auditions you attended for La Grande Boucle that’s coming up.“Yes, the good news is you got the job...

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  1. The accent is on wrong side : you should have wrote “Les femmes à pois.” Or even better, the title should have been “Les femmes en pois.” Great subject though… ;) »