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An Aussie, transplanted to Britain and living in Abu Dhabi and now Dubai. One wife, two cats, three kids and four bikes. The wife and kids live in London, the bikes live with me, mostly. I'm a TV person - originally journalism, then consultancy and project management and now in audience research and ratings. On average I ride 10,000+km each year. I love club and group riding and have got more into racing, especially stage races and events. In the past I've done a bit of audax too. I have a Ridley Noah, a custom-built steel Roberts, a Colnago Master and a Pearson fixie.

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Jens Voigt is set to retire as we speak, having one final crack at a long break in some race in the Cycling backwater of the USA. Is it fair or fitting that he should go out like this, slipping out the back door with little fanfare, while others have been doing a farewell tour of all the big races, replete with fancy commemorative shoes and a son...

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  1. Smashed it – 51.115. He was really killing it in the last laps. Fantastic effort. »

  2. Shame we can’t see the data they are looking at. According to the Trek guy they are seeing a real-time feed of cadence, power, HR and even drag coefficient. »

  3. @Teocalli Ho ho… I reckon 51.6km. He should be able to beat Sosenka easily, given that Sosenka was on a road bike. Looking forward to it. I’ve never watched an hour attempt live on TV/online before – has anyone? Were the Obree/Boardman efforts live… »

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  1. Apart from my home IP issue it is fine, and yes does seem to be much faster. Thanks for checking the spam for me after my ‘barking’. I hope you admire the persistence of my belief that anyone might give a shit about whether my comments disappear into the… »

I don’t mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that’s how it comes out. - Bill Hicks That famous quote from the Greatest Comedian Of All Time™ has resonated with me for many years. It became my silent mantra, as I don’t suffer fools gladly and sometimes don’t make much effort to conceal the fact. Lately, I̵...

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  1. There are different acts of Fred and I think they have to be treated accordingly. Unsafe Fredness – overlapping, bad lines, not making or passing calls etc – should be corrected by the group, and if the Fred persists then drop him or tell him he’s not we… »

Stupidity is a powerful force never to be underestimated. Geese are a good example; a more stupid vertebrate one would be most challenged to come across yet should you wander into a flock of them pecking about peacefully in a field, one is likely to erupt from its grazing to grab a billful of your ass and commence beating you savagely with it...

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  1. @Frank Hey, I’d hate to disappoint. I don’t use the word often, but when I do I mean it. BTW, I can sort of post. It’s definitely an IP address thing – can’t post from home, only from work, or when I’m on my UK VPN. So I was meditating further on this g… »

  2. @Frank Happy to oblige. I don’t use the word often but when I do I mean it. »

  3. @Harminator I love Cairo traffic – don’t you think it’s just like being in the peloton in a bike race? You have to anticipate where everyone will go, how they are moving, slowing, who’s about to change their line – I’d love to have a go. But your point … »

  4. The heavy transport lobby in the UK and Europe has consistently opposed improvements to mirror and safety features designed to improve visibility and awareness of vulnerable users like cyclists. Because it will add cost to the outfitting (and retro-fitti… »

The modern day Pro cyclist has many disadvantages stacked against them by comparison to their forefathers. They have to ride plastic bikes with little or no distinguishing character or discernible caché; they must willingly or perhaps unwittingly subject their body to an array of questionable “training techniques”; and they have to sp...

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  1. @wiscot Apparently not – designed by one of the women in the team. »

Did everyone got tired of seeing a nearly naked Marcel Kittel on the massage table for the Tour’s VSP page? I know I didn’t. Young Kennaugh will be sporting his British road race jersey and his proper shoe/sock pairing in this Vuelta. Get used to it. Ladies and gentleman we have a race. We have some Giro winners, we have some Tour...

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  1. @Rob I have a theory here Rob… which is that in this modern age the rides seem less heroic, not quite so epic, because we see them all unfold minute-by-minute. Had Merckx, Coppi et al been televised live for every moment of their races I suspect the w… »

  2. @Steampunk And in the end Froome is second by 1:10, having lost 1:01 in TTs. Marginal gains, marginal losses. »

  3. @Steampunk But they started with a TTT, where Sky lost 8 seconds to Saxo-Tinkoff, and then Stage 10 was an ITT where Froome lost 53 seconds to Contador. Froome is trying to make up time mostly lost in TTs, and as you say Contador is quite rightly takin… »

@Bianchi_Bob sent his article in just this week. Its sense of urgency required it to be published NOW. We all need reminding to live in the moment; here is a good reminder. Thanks Bianchi Bob. Yours in Cycling, Gianni Continue reading...

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  1. Your daughter sounds amazing – I hope she wins that daily fight for many years to come. Hemingway I think said courage was ‘grace under pressure’ and it sounds like she’s made of the stuff. And your example of dealing with it is an inspiration. If anyone… »

  2. Your daughter sounds amazing – I hope she wins that daily fight for many years to come. Hemingway I think said courage was ‘grace under pressure’ and it sounds like she’s got made of the stuff. And your example of dealing with it is an inspiration. If an… »

We are cyclists, the rest of the world merely rides a bike. What defines us as cyclists? Can a recumbent rider be a cyclist, a unicyclist, a fat recumbent rider with hairy legs and a YJA on? I think yes but am I snob for even asking?Years ago, I was helping a woman at another research institution set up some scientific equipment. Evidently we kept...

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  1. It’s not what you ride or even how you ride, it’s WHY you ride. A cyclist is someone who rides just to ride. Because they enjoy cycling. Someone who didn’t have to ride, but did. Commuters are not cyclists per se and people riding to the shops are not c… »

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  1. @Barracuda So this is my second reply to @Barracuda… first one (from home laptop) didn’t appear, this is from work laptop in the office. Pretty sure it hasn’t been confined to one or the other though. I very occasionally look at the site on mobile … »

  2. @Barracuda No, it’s either my laptop at home or PC at work. But it has happened on both. Seems to have been cleared now, as the replies above have now appeared. But I’ve been and gone several times now, like Cadel Evans on a mountain climb. Frank thi… »

Summer is a time for getting fat. Winter is a time for getting fat as well, but in a different way; in Winter we get fat on meals of meat and potatoes covered in sauces made of meat and potatoes. In Summer, on the other hand, our minds get fat: we get nice tans, we tone our muscles, long days see us riding at any hour of the day that suits us. W...

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  1. Our mornings have got down to about 24-25 C at 0530. Believe it or not the thought of toe-covers momentarily popped into my head last week. »

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  1. @frank Trying again… ironically my reply last night didn’t appear. That’s the weird thing. I can post, then I can’t, then I can, then I can’t. This is probably the third time it’s happened now. Each time I try a couple of posts before giving up and c… »

  2. @frank Thanks Frank. I think there were three or four at least – it seemed to happen in two bursts, so I could post, then I couldn’t, then I could, then I couldn’t and now it seems OK. This would be where to insert that gif about production bugs, if I ha… »

  3. @Deakus Yes but they never appear, so it isn’t being held in a moderation queue and then approved. Unless the moderators are mortally offended by my opinions on latex tubes. Did I mention that my sister makes five hundred dollars a day working from ho… »

  4. Oh, hurrah… while I’m on site can I issue a plea for help @Frank. I don’t know what’s going on but frequently I’m unable to post. I submit and they just disappear, and it seems to be random. I post OK and then an hour later, it’s not OK. Not that anyo… »

The Bike. It is the central tool in pursuit of our craft. A Velominatus meticulously maintains their bicycles and adorns them with the essential, yet minimal, accoutrement. The Rules specify the principles of good taste in configuration and setup of our machines, but within those principles lies almost infinite room for personal taste.It seems in s...

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  1. @il muro di manayunk You’ve certainly got your position dialed in the same on both, judging by the saddle and bar heights. Given the similarity between the bikes what makes the Bianchi #1 and the Felt #2 and do you use them for different things? I found… »

Brett’s recent post about Jensie brings up the dilemma of professional cycling for me. I admire many of cycling’s famous riders yet I don’t admire cheaters. Luckily for me I can fervently embrace opposable ideas within my consciousness and sleep well at night. Which also means I would have been one of those cheaters. I also see the tangle...

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  1. @therealpeel I think if you asked fans they would prefer the sport to be clean. Barry Bonds isn’t exactly a hero is he. But NFL and Baseball are more businesses than sports so it isn’t surprising that they persuade the fans they are getting what they re… »