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Velominatus: Chuck Mueller

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Chester, CT

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Architect, Cyclist, maker of the finest espresso this side of the Atlantic.

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  1. @itburns on left

    Alcon:  I had the below write up set for the Second West Point Cogal and was ready to send it to Gianni when I heard the news.  It really drives home how “Not Invisible & Imaginary” that we all are.  We will be riding this Cogal with itburns memory in our hearts and his spirit in our peloton.  Please join us if possible in body and if not, in spirit.  RIP, Brother, we said that we would ride another Cogal together and this will have to do until we ride together again in the sky.

    I’ll leave the original write up untouched as knowing itburns, he’d appreciate the joke.

    West Point Invisible Friends Cogal Part Deux

    With respect for my VMH who insists all of you are actually invisible/imaginary friends and questions your true existence, I am hosting another Falling Leaves Cogal at West Point this fall.  It will take place on, Sunday the 20th of October to try to hit the Fall Colours perfectly and will start at my house at V past X.  It will encompass the same route as last year minus the long stretch out to Bull Pond on Rt 293 and adding in a little more on the West Point Campus and in the Town of Cornwall where we will be stopping for lunch.  The Cogal will still finish with the Bear Mountain climb and back through the West Point campus.  The ride will be Casually Deliberate as we will regroup at the top of each climb but beware; there is the proverbial “Shit-ton” of climbing on this route so bring your climbing legs!

    This Cogal will give my VMH and me a chance to share our lovely espresso machine that we bought last year for Christmas with everyone.  So bring your own espresso beans if you want to as we have a grinder as well or just show up and share the ones we have.  Also, if you need to, you can crash at our house on Saturday night.  We will provide dinner the night before and breakfast the day off.

    Speaking of “Invisible Friends” that reminds me of a joke:  Superman is flying around the world really high in the sky one day and looks down and sees Wonder Woman lying completely naked on her back with her legs spread in a field.  Superman says to himself, “You know, I can fly down there, sneak a super fast one with her and be out of there before she even knows what happens.”  So Superman speeds down, does the deed and heads out in a flash.

    Wonder Woman goes, “Holy shit!!!  What the hell was that?!?!?!” and the Invisible Man goes, “I don’t know but my ass sure hurts!!!”

    See you on Sunday!

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    Date - October 20, 2013
    10:05 AM - 5:00 PM

    Buck's Office

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Cogals (pronounce it correctly: kog-al) are meetings of like-minded misfits brought together by the promise of beer, preceded by a bike ride. Cogals are free, open to all, organized by our fellow Velominati and are always followed by consumption of post-ride Recovery Ales and merriment. These are gatherings of unbridled observance of Rule #4...

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Short Notice Cogal in the hills of West Point on Sunday, the 21st of October.  Needs to be Sunday as that is the only day that they close the local, GORGEOUS Highway 218 (aka Storm King Highway) to all motorized traffic allowing only cyclists and hikers on it.  Beautiful, hilly stretch of highway over an awesome mountain pass overlooking the Huds...

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