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Every once in a while, you stumble across a quote that changes your outlook on how you approach life. Of course, this requires that one does a good deal of “reading”, which is a problem for me, as reading anything that isn’t Cycling-related feels the same as doing “work”. I do the odd bit of it nevertheless, and in a r...

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  1. Just ordered from Amazon UK.  Under 9 British Pounds and free delivery to UK.  Decent value for a hardback book with over 200 pages. Pleased you have gone for hardcover.  They always exude quality and maintaining standards is what the Velominati is all a… »

The saddle has got to be the most important piece of equipment for the cyclist when it comes to comfort and performance. If your ass is rubbing the wrong way, causing chafing and sores, or all circulation is cut off rendering you unable to locate vital organs for nature breaks, then it’s fair to say you don’t have the right saddle. And...

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  1. Copper rivets, yes, but an exposed screw ? I am suprised. None of Brooks current road saddles have this. Perhaps you were able to get your hands on some old stock, in which case goo… »

  2. Now let’s talk real mens saddles ! A Brooks Team Professional from the late 60’s. I recently acquired this from a clubmate whose behind, if he ever rode it, has left absolutely no impression. But this was the saddle of choice for the hard road man of t… »

  3. As my name implies, I am more than a bit retro and find it difficult to understand how people can sit on modern day razor blades. Fortunately, when I returned to road cycling about 20 years ago I immediately found my ideal saddle, the San Marco Rolls : … »

Even as a Pre-Cambrian Velominatus, the rusty wires in my brain must have made the connection between my machine’s aesthetics and the lack of a saddle bag; I can’t remember a time when I rode with a European Posterior Man Satchel. But riding without a saddle bag means the tools go in the pocket, and that means great care must be take...

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  1. Carry the weight on the bike – not on you. When dancing on the pedals uphill do you really want to be lifting that weight up and down every pedal rev ? So Anquetil put his bidon in his jersey pocket at the bottom of a hill. Just Jacque’s way of unsettl… »

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who own a properly-fitting, lightweight gilet and those who don’t. Those who own one know this is an indispensable piece of kit.The gilet is typically one of the last items that enters into a Cyclist’s wardrobe, long after arm warmers, knee warmers, and long sleeve jerseys have found...

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  1. I totally agree the Gilet is the most indispensible bit of kit after your basic riding jersey, shorts, shoes, gloves etc. Here in Britain, where you often get all 4 seasons in one day, i seldom go out without either wearing or carrying it. It weighs noth… »

@wiscot’s article speaks of cyclists of our youths and Jan Raas made a big impression on the young Gianni. Do the Dutch have a harder Hardman? He went on to become a director-sportif and I pity the riders under his command, they must have suffered like dogs. I cannot find a photo to document this but Raas’s glasses had holes drilled int...

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this wiscot. Your personal experiences and those of respected Hardmen all rolled into one. Another spectacled T.I.-Raleigh rider in the late ’70s was Dutchman, Bert Pronk. Under Peter Post I don’t think it mattered whether you wo… »

From the bottom of our hearts, and on behalf of everyone at Velominati, we wish you a very Happy Holidays and as such issue a temporary suspension of Rule #11.I’d like to thank everyone for coming around to our little corner of the world to spend your valuable time as part of the community; without you, none of this works. Thanks for helpi...

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  1. A mild day in the south of England. Would have been nice to go for a ride but I needed to move a large pile of bricks. Very aerobic and exercised muscles I do not much use when cycling so should be good for me, but suspect I shall spend the rest of the w… »

  2. A happy NEW YEAR of riding to all Velominati and thanks to the Founders and Keepers for a great website and community. Elder sister bought me an Amazon voucher so spent it on “Italian Racing Bicycles: The People, the Products, the Passion” by Guido P. Ru… »

Yesterday, Seattle was dark for 15 hours 34 minutes and 37 seconds. Let us not count how much it was light– it is of no use to us. I rode to work in the black, and in the black I rode home.The darkness is good to me. It shields my filthy chain from those who would judge it. It casts anonymity over the creaking of my bottom bracket. It erases...

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  1. I am only at Level 4 but with diligence and hard work I hope to achieve Level 3. Here is my first post, so go easy please. Congratulations to Mark Cavendish on winning BBC Sports Personality of The Year Award. Note to those not in Britain or the BBCs ca… »