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Velominatus: Colorado Nate

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Littleton, CO


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Having asthma is kind of like winning the lottery, except it happens to more people and instead of money you win a chronic difficulty in breathing. I wouldn’t say I’m proud to be an asthmatic, but it’s not information I’m ashamed to share. In doing so, I often discover others who are similarly afflicted, and upon doing so w...

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  1. Can’t believe no one has mentioned that red shorts guy looks like Robert Picardo. »

Aside from wheels staying in one piece and the frame holding together, the thing we take most for granted when riding a bike is how our bodies instinctively respond to and absorb bumps. The human body is, in fact, an incredible shock-absorber; our arms and legs are capable of flexing and shifting in ways that no mechanical suspension is capable of...

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  1. I commute mostly on mixed use paths. I run around 400 lumens on my helmet and 300 on my handlebars. As to the pedestrians, maybe only 1 in 20 at best have any lights or even reflective gear.  Often they’re walking multiple dogs off leash, so I figure if m… »