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Velominatus: Darce Vader

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Dubai, UAE


Sales Manager at Revolution Cycles in Dubai, UAE. Worked with Jeff in Petro Metro in Houston.

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  1. My good friend Mark and I at the Autodrome in Dubai! Jeff in Petro Metro and Darche in Dubai on our last Houston ride. »

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  1. As to Jeff in Petrometro’s comment on name change. How would I go about that as I am now the Sales Manager of a Cycle shop in Dubai. I would like my name to reflect that. Thanks for any help you can give this lowly pack rider. »

  2. @jeff in Petrometro. Name change to NTAC Dallas?  Cheers mate!! »

  3. Looking forward to my purchase of this tome of collected wisdom. Just make sure I am in line in front of Petrometro! »

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  1. Many thanks to Jeff in PetroMetro for giving me a nudge ( see “kick in the pants”) to this site. I look forward to reading and learning more from the many Sensi here. Grazzie!!! »