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July 13 2014 marked the 35th anniversary of the seminal ‘cycling film’ Breaking Away. 35 years. Nothing stays popular for that long, right? Things get dated, lose their edge (if there was edge in the first place) and eventually become irrelevant (I’m looking at you, Rolling Stones). Yes, even legends get stale if left out too lon...

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  1. @RedRanger “I’m not your papa I’m your God-damned father”   At the risk of being branded a heretic,what makes “Breaking Away” a good movie isn’t that it’s a movie about cycling, it’s a coming-of-age movie that happens to use cycling as a plot device, … »

I don’t know if its because I see something of myself in them or if it awakens some kind of nurturing instinct, but I always seem to find myself drawn to tragically flawed figures.Layne Staley and Marco Pantani strike me as two halves of the same whole; incredibly talented yet tortured with mortally addictive personalities, both set loose in...

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  1. Reading the various “was he a victim/was he just a doper not deserving of sympathy” discussions reminds me of something Frank wrote here a long time ago (And forgive me if I’m paraphrasing) – we are here because we are Fans; being a fan doesn’t mean you h… »

Even though in today’s mountain bike world the bikes are better, the clothing more appropriate, and there are more trails to ride, there’s no denying the early 90s were the Golden Age of Mountain Biking. Just look at these fellas, and tell me I’m wrong.Tomac knew what was up. You don’t get such a badass Rainbow Jersey by ac...

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  1. The early days, when MTB racing was carefree: »

  2. Ahhhh the Campa MTB groupset…… about the only thing that nearly tempted me to try MTBing. Beautifully made, horiffically expensive, iirc almost as costly as C-Record but there were no other ensembles in their MTB range hence no “cheaper” options. And … »

Forget quick-release skewer, the mechanical derailleur, carbon frames, or disc wheels. Never mind clipless pedals or brake-mounted shifters. Scratch those deep-section road wheels, lightweight helmets, or miracle fabrics.The most important innovation in Cycling had nothing to do with those incremental advances, but rather with the invention of Cycl...

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  1. @Mikael Liddy Definately the Italians, 1987 in Austria. My recollectino is that is was banned immediately after. If not, and the Spanish used it in ’92, it didn’t help (they came in 5th). »

It wasn’t so long ago that the majority of bicycles were made by hand, from raw materials, in places that aren’t China or Taiwan. While some of these artisans are still around, their wares are increasingly harder to come by, and to procure an example of their work means an outlay of time and money which is more than most are willing to...

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  1. @biggles 1. Remove screw from other side, take it to fastener supply place and see if they can source a replacement. or 2. Get a friendly machine shop to turn up a new one. Option 2 might be more costly, but hey, no cost is too great for a Loyal Steed…. »

  2. I’ll try that again: »

  3. Still made in Italy, surprisingly low cost too: »

The home ground of Manchester United Football Club, Old Trafford, is colloquially known around the world as the Theatre of Dreams. It holds a revered place in the hearts of the club’s supporters, and even those of other teams; it’s an icon of football, and sport in general. Millions have gone there to watch their heroes play, but how ma...

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  1. When I first got into it 25 years ago, one of the things I loved about cycling was that, in this land of football and cricket “gods,” it was very much a minority pursuit, and you could show up at a club race and mingle with guys and gals who were World an… »

The days of the proper head badge, I’m afraid, are numbered. It seems it used to be that any road bike with a pedigree that was really worth riding was festooned with an artful adornment on the head tube. By that I mean something made with a bit of heft, stamped or cast of alloy and riveted front and center. More and more though we’re s...

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  1. I can’t count for the veracity of the story, but I read somewhere many years ago that head tube badges were first replaced by decals by none other the Giuseppe Olmo, and it was a purely pragmatic decisions based on cleaning team bikes after races – after … »

I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop in the Lance affair. That is a long wait. And I’m burned out on the whole doping subject so it’s great @wiscot writes up a profile of Charlie Mottet. Here is a man whose sock height I can believe in. VLVV, Gianni Continue reading...

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  1. Just when I start thinking maybe my preference for steel bikes of the late ’80s-early ’90s is just my rose-tinted view of what I lusted after back then, the high end pro machine I couldn’t dream of affording…. I see photos like those above and realise, … »

I must admit to not having read most of the cycling memoirs in the Works. I may eventually but the local public library doesn’t carry any of them and never will so I’ll have to buy them or ask Frank to tote everything he has to Hawaii. I did get off my wallet and buy these two and it was money well spent. David Millar and Tyler Hamilton...

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  1. @sthilzy At the risk of sounding like a touchy feely therapist type,  that might have a lot to do with  LA not being a genuine, happy person……… »

Cycling and crashing are the kinds of things that come together whenever you liberally combine Newtonian Physics, skill, and overconfidence. In other words, I’ve been falling off my bike for nearly as long as I’ve been climbing on it.One of the more memorable crashes of my youth involved the commute home from my high school and a lady...

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  1. In the words of Sir Jack Brabham, “A race should be won at the slowest speed possible.” Of course, the corollary is Sir Jackie Stewarts’ “Och, but ye shouldna ever catch yourself putting in less than 100%” »

The recent headlines being made in the cycling world have honestly not garnered a whole lot of attention at V-HQ, at least where a certain COTHO is concerned. Yes, The Keepers have added to the usual discussions on the topic here, read the news, and given it some thought. But we really don’t feel the need to take any sort of official position...

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  1. @Ron Ironically, the only steel bike Le Man is riding in the above photos is the TT funny bike. Don’t let that stop you though! Le Mond was one of the first pro road riders to make their way into my consciousness, helped in no small part by the local s… »

It seemed so easy, when I was young, to decide who to love and who to hate. These days, life is a complicated web of heroic deeds and dark shadows. As we get older, it appears our heroes and villains get mixed up.Fortunately for us, Cycling is about much more than bike racing. It is about loving the machine, submitting ourselves to the cathedral ...

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  1. @Ken Ho Do. It. makes everything else seem slow. And the lack of hills makes my 5-years-from-peaking lard belly less of a handicap »

Its hard to say precisely where the line lays, but I’m certain I’m well on the wrong side of it. I never notice lines as I pass over them but I can usually tell after I have because it feels suddenly liberating to leave reason, sensibility, and convention behind. I find them very restrictive – claustrophobic, almost. They force me...

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  1. @scaler911 Might be thinking of Aerospoke wheels, iirc they were moulded plastic things.Still available because hipsters like to use them on fixies (so they can unco-ordinate their colours, yo), they wegh about 2kg. Each. They still break too:   »

Joop Zoetemelk was a hard man, a tough nut to crack. He specialized in getting second place, a talent he developed under the doctrine of Eddy Merckx and mastered via the harsh tutelage of Bernard Hinault. It’s very seductive to lean back in our armchairs and draw the conclusion that our sport’s Eternal Seconds, as they’re called,...

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  1. I wonder if our liking of the eternal second placer stems in part from the excitement of wathing someone finally breaking the drought? Witness Marianne Voss’ recent win in the World’s road race – after FIVE consecutive silver medals. FIVE. As a view from… »

  2. It is a true revealer of a mans’ character, not how he glories in winning, but how he copes with defeat »

@snoov moves the topic away from Lance, doping, EPMS, and Berty’s Spanish adventures. Our brains are so crammed with nonsense our childhood memories get jammed deep down into the center.  A memory waits to be released and sometimes it’s a remembered smell that floats it up to the surface. VLVV, Gianni Continue reading...

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  1. @Nate No, you can’t. I pass by a local pig farm on occasion, and you seriously can NOT imagine the smell on a hot day…. the odour is so strong it has a personality of its own, and has even been known on some summer evenings to go out for a night on t… »

The modern cyclist, as they enter the sport, will find themselves purchasing a set of shoes which contain a cleat that clips into the pedals on their bike. It should come as no surprise, then, that the term we use for the action of engaging shoe to pedal is “clip in”. Obviously, this style of pedals is thusly called the “clipless...

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  1. @Marcus better late than never, just found this footage: »

Does a bike have a soul? I can’t make that argument, I don’t think I do either, actually. But we do invest a lot of emotion, pride and dare I say love in our bikes. We form emotional bonds to inanimate objects all the time. My favorite old dead car had to sit in the driveway for another year falling further into rusty disrepair before...

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  1. As a logical, critical-thinking engineering-trained mechanical designer I should be saying bikes don’t have a soul. BUT As someone who has been in love with cycling for 30 years (even if the love was distant at times) I can also say that there are thing… »

When it comes to weight and body dysmorphia, we cyclists can go toe-to-toe with any thirteen year old tween who has done their time flipping through the pages of Vogue and Sixteen. However fit and thin we might be, at some point it dawns on us that we’re not as light as we could be. The obvious solution is to buy lighter parts for our bikes,...

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  1. A lifetime ago I had the perfect physique for climbing. Unfortunately there were no mountain races in my part of the world (barely any mountains, in fact, and none wihtin easy riding distance). Nowadays, *ahem* significantly heavier, I am working towards … »

The modern cyclist, as they enter the sport, will find themselves purchasing a set of shoes which contain a cleat that clips into the pedals on their bike. It should come as no surprise, then, that the term we use for the action of engaging shoe to pedal is “clip in”. Obviously, this style of pedals is thusly called the “clipless...

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  1. @Marcus Blood doping, yes, they admitted it later (pretty much the whole team were doing it) but it wasn’t illegal at that time. I recall the Kelly incident, he was at unbackable odds before the event. And being a true sportsman he didn’t deliberately … »

  2. @Oli Not unless he bleached his hair for the ’87 race……. »

  3. @sthilzy I had a pair of those Axo shoes – cost me nearly $200 (in 1989 dollars too) but were the most comfortable cycling shoes I had ever worn. I still own them but they no longer fit, my foot bones seem to have spread to accomodate my 15-years-from-… »

  • Wilkins is right about his role in his bike/car incidents. There’s 2 sides to the equation, always. As cyclists,...

  • One word, old mate … abridge!

    Fuck me that’s a long article. I really should read one someday around here.

  • @DeKerr

    Indeed, great story. What year was it published? I could not find the date. Mentions Pharmstrong’s...

  • @Ron

    YES! Ron, we have a date with DESTINY!!! Or a ride, not sure which? Either way, some of us are going to do...

  • @kixsand best of luck. Have fun and ask lots of questions!

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