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The Velominati have our own set of nicknames and terms which have developed over time through posts and correspondence. Some of these are names of landmarks or terms in cycling; others are nicknames for some of the riders in the pro peloton. While not intended to be offensive or derogatory, the nicknames in the list represent the riders’ pe...

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  1. Ok, the lexicon is missing an important term. ‘Grimaceur’ (noun), a cyclist in a breakaway who feigns tiredness in order to gain a tactical surprise over his rivals during the race finale. The best-known current exponent of this behaviour is Mr Thomas Vo… »

This is possibly the most offensive piece of gear I have encountered on a bike. Do you really need a little orange wand to tell you what gear you’re in? There is only one gear to be in: the hardest one at which you can still make the pedals go around in something resembling a circle.These goofy little things were found on the bike I rented la...

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  1. Heck, not everyone can afford Dura Ace guys. Some of us *have* to put up with Planet Tiagra and its kiddy shiifters… »