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Velominatus: Drew

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Vancouver, BC

Avid sportive type rider currently living in Vancvouer, BC. I love climbs, but I don't climb well, better on the rollers. I ride in most weather conditions throughout the year. I also enjoy the mountain bike riding and dirt/ gravel riding on FSRs and such.

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Yes, we got piss drunk after the 2012 Seattle Summer Cogal and dreamed up the V-to-V Stage Cogal: epic riding, vertical, a real challenge. It was indeed all that.Sadly, there was one element missing: @eightzero on the road. Turns out I had made all kinds of plans for individuals to serve a Director Sportif. And each and every one of them fell throu...

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  1. @TBONE Thanks again for the great Vancouver Cogal, and congrats on becoming a Marshall for the Fondo.  You should be busy pointing out the infractions. »

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    Description: Route (well, mostly):

    The Triple Crown Cogal will start riders from Musette Café, in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. We’ll ride across the Second Narrows Bridge, out to the darkest depths of North Vancouver, through some scenic rainforest before tackling the only hors catégorie climb in the area, Mount Seymour. We’ll top up water bottles at the bottom. From there the ride will head up through Lynn Valley Headwaters, and wend its way over to Grouse mountain, the shortest of the three climbs. A brief, caffeinated respite will follow at Delany’s in Edgemont Village will happen after the descent down Grouse. The ascent of the British Properties is next, affording the riders stunning views of Vancouver as we spin our way through one of Canada’s most elitist neighbourhoods. Lastly, the ride will continue to the west and ascend Cypress, the final climb of the day. To cap the ride off we’ll cross Lion’s Gate Bridge and cut through the always lovely Stanley Park. Apres Velo activities will happen at the Lions Pub.

    The ride can be described as ~130km of suffering. 3000m of climbing over six hours. It hurts. A lot

    Dutch Keepers are welcome to come, as the Dutch are quite familiar with running to Canada.

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    Date - August 24, 2013
    8:05 AM - 5:15 PM

    Musette Caffe

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On October 15, 2011, a select team of Velominati gathered in Langley on Whidbey Island to go for a ride together. These gatherings, referred to as Cogals, are a key component of the vision of Velominati, to bring the community from the Interwebs into the reality of The Ride. After all, we are Cyclists and we are meant to ride our bikes – not...

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  1. @scaler911 Sorry to hear you caught something from your kids. I got a little cold from my one year old on the monday following It would have been nice to have another Vancouver rider along, even if it is a different Vancouver. If you can get something se… »

@Cyclops has taken it upon himself to organize North America’s first official Cogal right in the backyard of where it all started: Seattle, Wa. @Scaler911 and @McSqueak have confirmed that they will be driving up from Portland, OR to attend and we hereby invite any and all Velominati to attend. We’ll be doing a no-drop ride on Whidbey...

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  1. Hey, all. Long time reader first time poster. Really love the site and the passion for the sport. The pictures and the knowledge have been a great way to pass some slow work days. Just wondering if you would welcome a Vancouver rider for the Cogal? I… »