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Velominatus: Durishin

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

2007 U.S. Open Cycling Championships, U.S. Open Cycling Foundation

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I suspect that whoever first put a set of downtube shifters on a bike immediately knew that while it was superior to having the shifter on the seat stay, it was a design that was going to be improved upon. Not only did it require being seated to shift, it also required taking your hands off the bars. Shimano got close with the introduction of the S...

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  1. I once had a Look KX with Campy Record, a Synapse with Dura Ace and a CX4 with Force. Three different neurological mappings required for successful riding. Eventually, the stress of the potential for blown shifts while riding in traffic caused me to get r… »

A friend recently asked my advice for how to prepare for the longest ride he’d ever done. My approach is somewhat unorthodox when it comes to this sort of thing; I like to train to ride a lot farther than the event itself, and whenever possible, throw in a handful of sessions with my old friend, The Man with the Hammer. I suggested he do the...

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  1. I have always found that Rule #6 washes away fear of the man with the hammer. »

  2. Beautiful! Thanks Frank. I am inspired. I have been afraid of that man since some heart issues a few years ago but, the cardiologists says I am good to go so I’ll be out looking for him in the rain tomorrow. »

Doubt. It speaks in whispered tones but echoes in our actions and lingers heavy on the mind. It is a thing that weaves itself into the seeds of our dreams and erodes vision into whim. Doubt leads to uncertainty; uncertainty to fear; fear prevents us from reaching as high as we might.Doubt is a clingy thing. Like a snowball dropped down a mountainsi...

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  1. Wow!   Just, plain wow!  ”And when we are willing to suffer, we can do anything.”  Thanks, Frank!  I needed that. »