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A death is a painful thing to experience. Particularly, I imagine, for the one doing the dying. For those left behind, it takes time to mourn and come to grips with the change; it is an unpleasant process, but such is the way of things.The crack in the chainstay of my beloved Cervelo R3 had been weighing on my mind ever since I discovered its exist...

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  1. @Teocalli No it was definitely his Willy he had hold of, I was there.  What happened next is unprintable but involved a straight bat (well oiled of course) and a couple of gogglies. Am I right in thinking Gooch’s ball ended up in Silly mid off with an ea… »

  2. @ChrisO Thats a good analogy, I think you should definitely write that article. Both sports are about as interesting to watch as paint drying.  Both attract lonely obsessives with few friends. Both require the wearing of expensive and highly, (for any ot… »

  3. @minion This is getting good I love it when an internet flame out gets this inventive, someone pass the pop-corn please. @unversio No he really did mean that the Bowler was holding the Batsman’s Willy, note the possessive apostrophe. »

  4. @PeakInTwoYears Hence Brian Johnston’s imortal line, “The Bowler’s holding, the batsman’s Willey” »

  5. @Chris I have looked on line but can’t find the review.  Can you send me a link or do I have to buy the magazine? »

  6. @the Engine To some it’s more of a religion. (see above) »

  7. @frank Any chance of getting Andrew to write a review of the BTwin on Velominati? »

  8. @frank Looks fine to me »

  9. @frank It would be intersting to hear from them.  I have read only one review for Decathlon which was for one of their “town bikes” the review was largely positive (well built, comfortable to ride and good value for money) but it would be interesting to h… »

  10. I notice the reference to BTwin in this article.  I didn’t know they were moving into the carbon fibre market now I have looked at their budget and midrange bikes which are very well spec’d and amazing value for money but has anyone here actually ridden o… »

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  1. @G’rilla In that case you are arguing against yourself aren’t you? @Chris I am glad that is cleared up. No one is advocating riding about in purely matt black and no one is advocating the compulsory wearing of cycle helmets or day glow clothing. … »

  2. @Chris Emma Way has been suspended from her post as a trainee accountant, apparantly the firm she used to work for sponsors a number of running and cycling charity events in Norwich.  Not the sort of publicity you want from one of your employees. »

  3. @G’rilla That is what is known as an argumentum ad absurdum (argument to absurdity) or a straw man argument.  No one is suggesting wearing a crash helmet in bed based on the argument that it would make this activity marginally safer (not me at any rate… »

  4. I find this article baffling and similar in some ways to the argument some put up against wearing cycle helmets.  Now don’t get me wrong I am not in favour of bringing in a law making wearing helmets or high vis jackets compulsory but wearing either does … »

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  1. @Chris Speaking as an English man that is a very fine Brolly »

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  1. 1. Opra 2. Lady Diana 3. Queen Victoria 4. My Mum 5. Fanny Hill »

Cyclists can (and usually do) go on for hours as to why they ride their bikes, and most of their reasons can sound, well, a bit flakey to anyone not enamored with shaved legs and being done up in lycra. “I do it to keep fit”, “It keeps me slim”, “I’m a competitor, I love to race”, “It’s the free...

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  1. @Overijse Mmmmm Yummy, I mean the toolbox I am more of a bitter man myself except when I am in France when it is Chimay all the way. (Chimay all the way, I like that.) »

  2. »

  3. file://localhost/Users/Edwin/Desktop/IMG_0596.jpg »

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  1.   Adolescence is a cruel time »

  2. @DavidI He won’t get far on that thing »

  3. @frank What is that on his head? »

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  1. The bastard chart stops at 70Kg what use is that? According to the 10Kg/1bar rule of thumb my tyres shout be at around 90bar :(  . »

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  1. I once found myself out on a ride with exactly 3 time-pieces or at least 3 pieces that could in one form or the other tell me the time including the cat-eye.  At one point I found myself actually wanting to know the time but none of my three time pieces c… »