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Jens Voigt is set to retire as we speak, having one final crack at a long break in some race in the Cycling backwater of the USA. Is it fair or fitting that he should go out like this, slipping out the back door with little fanfare, while others have been doing a farewell tour of all the big races, replete with fancy commemorative shoes and a son...

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  1. “CYCLING BACKWATER OF THE USA”?? C’mon…If we’re reading Velominati, we can’t be too much of a “Backwater”! and yes…we love Jens in the “backwater” also! »

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  1. Brett: Very well written article. From a 65 year old that has 45 years of riding and a couple of miles behind him, remember…WHEN YOU STOP MOVING FORWARD, YOU START MOVING BACKWARD! »

  2. Brett: VERY well written! From a 65 year old tha…remember this…WHEN YOU STOPE MOVING FORWARD, YOU START MOVING BACKWARD! »