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Velominatus: Elric

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Statesboro, Georgia

On the backside of forty heading for fifty and have been riding in one form or another since the mid eighties. Came over to the sport from wrestling and (oh the horror) competitive running. After 24 years in the army I've had the opportunity to ride all over the Staes and the world. Whether its the living power of the pack, riding with fellow velominati, or putting in the work it's all about the bike. Always at n+1... The latest a Willier Carbone Cross sitting at home in Georgia with my VMH.q,

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I’m compliant with Rule #74: no Garmin, no cyclometer, just an uncluttered cockpit. I’m not anti-data, if I could generate some awesome data I’d like to know about it. If I was racing I would train with data. I just got bored with looking at the numbers and not doing anything about them. When my Cateye cyclometer/heart rate monit...

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  1. I understand the luddites who neither want nor need data when they ride.  I feel the same way when I MTB.  But given limited time to train I want to maximize the value of every ride.  The one thing I don’t do is measure average speed down which the road t… »

We interrupt our usual programming to announce that we have quietly been building and testing an upgraded photo upload tool, which now supports mobile devices and tablets, as well as adding captions to album photos.There is also beta support for pasting photos into the post editor, although in our testing this has been a bit hit or miss; I’ll...

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  1. Total Eddy porn.  Got an Belgian Army bud to track down the Great One’s business and walked in through the loading dock.  Johan’s dirty bike (2002) was just leaning against the wall outside.  A generous and magmanimous host to two American knuckleheads. »

I have a friend who is borderline OCD. He’ll sometimes wash his hands dozens of times a day, doesn’t like sticky stuff, cats drive him to antihistamine hell and there is a place for everything, with everything in its place. This can be annoying, not only for those around him, but especially for himself. It’s not a great place to b...

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  1. It was in 2002 and I don’t think he had started riding again.  It was great to share a Coke and chat for a few minutes.  Considering we were some knuckleheads that had a Belgian Army counterpart drive us there and then walked in through the loading dock h… »

  2. @Skip damn, I’m logged in and it shows up after the post took and now it’s alone again. Melts try again because its definitely worth it.  If anyone can clue me in (its coming from my computer and I am logged into my ca count). »

  3. Ok, with the picture this time. »

This has to be one of the best photos of the 2013 Tour: Nairo Quintana at the finish on the Ventoux. Nairo gives very little away when he climbs but as he crossed the line his head dropped and the lights went out. He later admitted having gone too early again. Before that, on the slopes of the Giant of Provence, he knew he was going to win. Then h...

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  1. Chapeau from the soused ferret of the maillot jaune. »

  2. All great suggestions regarding the mountain trolls who have to insert their pathetic squalid selves into the majesty of the event.  Short off permanently crippling or killing someone, game on.  First quarantine all the douche bags (minus didi) in costume… »

  3. The body posture clearly shows he’s left everything on the mountain.  He doesn’t even have the strength to sit upright.  The press which is normally in the riders face is actually a respectful distance, aware of what they’ve seen…. An almost intimate qu… »

Rule #12 is a beautiful thing. If all but a handful of Rules had to go, Rule #12 would remain. This Rule smolders in all cyclist’s hearts; the need for a better bike has to be there. It just has to. Rule #12 cannot be extinguished while working in the most dangerous or depressing bike-free environments. @dark42echo sent us this from the Fa...

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  1. Ah the deployment bike.  They’re have been so many good ones on the black books.  The latest a Willier Carbon Cross.  Thank God for the Middle East, bankrolled of dreams. »

This will be the last of my Cipo photos in a post for a while and only because I’m employing self-control.To me he exemplifies “Italian Cyclist” and if I weren’t so lazy I would try to find his quote about cycling being representative of all that is beautiful in life. Continue reading...

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  1. @frank my understanding of the dilapidated buildings is that if you finish them the taxes go up exponentially.  Hence you see a lot of buildings that are complete on the inside but missing an exterior finish or with never ending “renovations”. The bust ba… »

There are many paths to learning lessons, many of which have their merits. Reading a book, for instance, is a popular way of learning something. Or having a teacher or mentor describe to you why things are the way they are or aren’t the way they aren’t. Then there is my favorite method, that of kicking your own head in and discovering t...

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  1. It’s almost as if you are a crank rotating backwards.  I get dizzy just watching it. »

Our Antipodean readers may want to skip this article and come back to it in June as the Austral winter begins.  Anybody reading in the northeastern states may want to get down to their closest bike or ski shop stat.  But regardless of where you are on the globe, if you ride in, let’s say, sub-freezing temps the lobster claw glove/mitt is th...

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  1. I know the PI lobster claws go back to at least 1993 because I still have a pair of ungodly awful teal and violet claws. Ugly as sin and warm as warm can be.  Lasted me through a few New England winters. »

One of the most cherished bits in my toolbox are the four rolls of 3M Electrical Tape: red, green, white, and black. In the past, I’ve used off-brands, but those appear to use an adhesive that leaves a gooey residue and the tape itself seems to shrink (especially in heat) as it sits in it’s place, quietly serving whatever purpose it has...

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  1. Perhaps I’m off base but just what is that electronic thing marring your stem? »