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Velominatus: Forza Ciclismo

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Weston, CT

With a last name that includes the word Forza, need I write anything else? But if you must know, I'm American of Northern Italian descent. Cycling has been part of my life since I was a teenager, and still is one of the things that defines me. Long live all that has to do with Italian cycling tradition and the passion that goes along with it. Where do I feel pain and a sense of betrayal? I just can't let go of the fact that framesets are now built in Tai-f'ing-wan. I still own my old steel masterpieces; a DeRosa with Campagnolo (note I did not write "Campy") Super Record fully pantographed gruppo with glorious down tube shifters - as well as a Colnago Master Piu with (what else) Campagnolo Record with Delta brakes. Now I must admit I'm currently riding a Cervelo R3SL, and while it's a great bike, I just haven't yet come to love it the way I love my two aforementioned damsels, since it's not made in Italy. Despite the fact that I've ridden it this year more miles that I've driven my car. At least the name Cervelo is a play on words related to the Italian language so I must take solace in that - leaves me a bit empty though. Sigh. I can share numerous literati storie (that's not a typo, storie translated to English is stories) and would like to know best ways other than blogging. I have so much to say as a new velominatus. Signed, Forza Ciclismo

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We just finished a thorough examination of the Cyclist’s marquee accoutrement, the Cycling Cap. Today’s lesson is about the Cycling Cap’s red-headed step brother, the Winter Cycling Cap.This is a toque born of necessity; the thin cotton cap is nowhere near warm enough for the demands of the Flemish winter training season. Form s...

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  1. Wait!  Shelley Verses?  My Westhill H.S. friend.  Where are you, Shelley? »

I’m compliant with Rule #74: no Garmin, no cyclometer, just an uncluttered cockpit. I’m not anti-data, if I could generate some awesome data I’d like to know about it. If I was racing I would train with data. I just got bored with looking at the numbers and not doing anything about them. When my Cateye cyclometer/heart rate monit...

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  1. Just get on your bike, ride, step into the hurt locker and stay in it as long as you can.    I ride for the joy and purity of the ride itself.  Don’t over analyze and ruin everything.  My power is determined by the quality of riders I’m with, and who gets… »

The Rules, of course, are a sort of reference guide for those of us who may need a little bit of help making sure we act and look Fantastic at all times, whether on or near the bike. However much they are steeped in the history of our sport, they are by their very nature incomplete and always evolving, subject to the continuous development of the s...

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  1. I’m kinda new on these posts, so maybe you already discussed funky kits of years past. But anyone remember Laurent Fignon or Bjarne Riis when they rode for Castorama?   Somebody thought it was a good idea to make their team kits look just like their Fren… »

It wasn’t so long ago that the majority of bicycles were made by hand, from raw materials, in places that aren’t China or Taiwan. While some of these artisans are still around, their wares are increasingly harder to come by, and to procure an example of their work means an outlay of time and money which is more than most are willing to...

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  1. Still have my 35 year old steel DeRosa and verified made by Ugo himself.  Sure feels good thinking about the hand labor that went into making it.  I do also love my modern day carbon superbike. »

I suppose it’s just a sign of how rich our sport is and how enthusiastic we are about it that some of the most iconic rides in cycling go virtually unmentioned in these pages. It almost seems as though they are so tightly woven into legend that we take them for granted, these rides. Nevermore, nevermore: enter a new V-Series where we’ll...

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  1. Question of the day:  Choose one ride for ultimate epicness, and why.  1) Stelvio 2) Mortirolo 3) Gavia.  Discuss… »