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Jens Voigt is set to retire as we speak, having one final crack at a long break in some race in the Cycling backwater of the USA. Is it fair or fitting that he should go out like this, slipping out the back door with little fanfare, while others have been doing a farewell tour of all the big races, replete with fancy commemorative shoes and a son...

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  1. True, true.  Fair and balanced, article and comments, both. And yet … … and yet … …………. *sob* »

I bought a Road ID the day I learned of Jon Lennard’s death on August 12, 2013. Someone in the posts of the original announcement of his passing (below) mentioned he was identified by his Road ID. Of course he had a Road ID. What I knew of him made that perfect. So responsible and sensible.The nature of this community is a strange thing; we d...

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  1. A-Merckx. A year on, this article and the posts in response provide a fine tribute to itburns and a testament to the community. Marcus Aurelius comes to mind:  “Perfection of character possesses this: to live each day as if the last, to be neither feveris… »

It has been many years (25!) since professional female cyclists have raced on the cobbles of the Champs Elysées. While running the Giro Donne concurrently with the Tour de France makes no sense to me, this Sunday’s women’s race does make sense. It should be the model for a Women’s Tour de France: the route, infrastructure, roadsi...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. The Vos Boss 2. Emma J 3. Eeny Meany Bronzini 4. The Oldsmobile 5. Lizzie A »

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  1. Aaaagghh – Jack Bauer, so near and yet so far.  Much respect for a top effort. Kia kaha. »

  2. Froome and Contador likely 1 and 2. But where’s the fun in that? Go the (relative) underdogs. VSP PICKS: 1. TJ 2. Mollema 3. Rolland 4. Talansky 5. Nibali »

Before Tomac and Ned, before LeMond and Big Mig, there was Bob Hannah. For a young lad obsessed with motorcycles as well as bicycles, the ‘Hurricane’ was the epitome of style on a bike. His bright yellow Yamaha YZs and matching head-to-toe kit set the bar and inspired me to emulate not only his style on the bike, but off it too. If onl...

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  1. Moto – bah.  Never ridden a moto I haven’t crashed. Even crashed one taking it for a test ride with a view to purchase. Said no thanks but did pay up for the damage.  Then my son got a 65cc moto. And finally there was a moto I had ridden but not crashed. … »

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  1. Some of your best work right there, Brett. Chapeau. »

We are the Keepers of the Cog. In so being, we also maintain the sacred text wherein lie the simple truths of cycling etiquette known as The Rules. It is in our trust to maintain and endorse this list.The Rules lie at the beginning of The Path to La Vie Velominatus, not at the end; learning to balance them against one another and to welcome them...

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  1. @Teocalli Flanders and Swan! Well played. »

  2. @ChrisO Brilliant. »

  3. @Fausto Crapiz Er, why? »

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  1. @anthony I don’t disagree that the duration of the effects of roids and blood boosters may be different.  I simply suggest that, if roid effects are permanent / long-lasting: 1. a permanent ban for deliberate roid use makes sense; and 2. perhaps more co… »

  2. @mouse The articles cited relate to steroid use. No reason to think that the same would apply to EPO, etc. But if it does apply to roids, then convicted roid users should be gone for good. And, personally, I would be happy to see those convicted of blood … »

  3. @il muro di manayunk  Well played. Strong work. And thanks, Keepers –  and community – for another excellent VSP. This has been a great Giro.  Although (or perhaps because) I boycotted ATOC and so cannot directly compare the two, I am confident that the … »

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  1. Chapeau, both.  A great read – and sounds like, navigational issues aside, it was a great race. »

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  1. Sorry, Cuddles, just can’t see it any more. VSP PICKS: 1. Nairo Quitana 2. Mick Jagguran 3. Purito 4. Pozzovivo 5. Arrrrrrrredondo »

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  1. 5 points.  My best performance all season (so far).  But solely as a result of picking Valv.Piti for second. Not sure I should keep ‘em… »

  2. Malnerde will continue his run of form, but a bag or two of his finest chilled red blood cells won’t be enough to prevent a Danny Boy repeat. I’ve watched enough Hollywood movies to know that truth and goodness always triumphs in the end. VSP PICKS: 1. … »

  3. According to the screen  I am looking at no-one else has posted yet.  I think this unlikely.  Which is a shame, as it would boost my chances of a podium finish considerably. Off to wash my mouth out for picking Piti to podium. »

  4. According to the screen  I am looking at no-one else has posted yet.  I think this unlikely.  Which is a shame, as it would boost my chances of a podium finish considerably. Off to wash my mouth out for picking Piti to podium. VSP PICKS: 1. Danny Boy Ma… »

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  1. @Nate Thirded. »

  2. @Gianni We crossed.  Will try logging out. Thanks.  And, obviously, if I am unsuccessful, feel free to ignore my non-conformance entirely. That’s generally the best way to deal with non-conformity anyway. »

  3. @Island Bike I cannot get to the women’s VSP , either.  (In fact it’s been happening quite a bit with the VSP, particularly when I log in on my iPad.)  While it is inconceivable that my presence or absence in a VSP would result in a materially different… »

  4. I say, my good man, a tripel for the Belgian, please. VSP PICKS: 1. PhilGil 2. Mollema 3. Moreno 4. Slagter 5. Kwiatkowski »

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  1. Time PhilGil re asserted himself. I am anticipating these picks will result in my humiliation, but consoling myself with the thought that the humiliation will be less than that which would come from a Delgado. Probably. VSP PICKS: 1. PhilGil 2. Purito … »

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  1. Damn. Delgado’d. Even though, on my iPad, the timer says I have 20 hours to go. Serves me right for not thinking about whether that makes sense whenI looks earlier in the day. FWIW, I say Fabs, Vanmarke, Billions, Tommeke and GVA. In that order. »