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Velominatus: Gervais

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: St-Hyacinthe,Quebec,Canada

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It has been a brutal week for us Keepers, having decided not to hold a Keepers Tour this year. Watching the action from half a world away has been almost too much for us to bear, and I know most of the participants from last year must be feeling similarly. On Sunday, we would be escorted by our friends and guides, William and Alex of Pavé Cycling...

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  1. I am taking it back to 1996 VSP PICKS: 1. Tom Boonen 2. Zdenek Stybar 3. Guillaume Van Keirsbulk 4. Edvald Boasson Hagen 5. Niki Terpstra »

This needs no introduction. The Spring Classics are truly upon us. The course has been modified yet again, it is tougher? The riders make the race and the 2014 Ronde van Vlaanderen is loaded with racers who could win or make the Velominati VSP placings. Just to pick the winner will not be nearly as easy as it has been recently. There are small clo...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Tom Boonen 2. Peter Sagan 3. Sep Vanmarcke 4. Fabian Cancellara 5. Niki Terpstra »

The Kemmelberg is a brute. In my opinion, its the hardest of the cobbled climbs in the Spring Classics; it has a high speed tarmac approach that saps the guns of their snap. The transition from tarmac to cobbles is awful, the stones are very badly laid throughout and if you don’t hit it just right, you’ll come to a standstill. The cobbl...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Peter Sagan 2. Tom Boonen 3. Sep Vanmarcke 4. fabian Cancellara 5. zdenek Stybar »

Het Volk (it will always be Het Volk to me) and now the Strade Bianche may well mark the sentimental beginning to the season, but those are specialized, pre-season races that appeal mostly to riders who are preparing for bigger objectives later in the year, such as the Cobbled or Ardennes Classics. Same goes for Tirreno Adriatico and Paris-Nice; t...

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  1. revision no Phinney »

  2. VSP PICKS: 1. Peter Sagan 2. Philippe Gilbert 3. Michal Kwiatkowski 4. Zdenek Stybar 5. Sylvain Chavanel »

  3. VSP PICKS: 1. Peter Sagan 2. Taylor Phinney 3. Michal Kwiatkowski 4. Zdenek Stybar 5. Sylvain Chavanel »

Disregarding my Schwinn Typhoon, I started keeping score with my 1976 Peugeot PX 10 LE. It came with a Stronglight 52 x 45 and a 14 x 21 five speed freewheel. I always thought this Peugeot was set up for the pavé of northern France with those gears and wire-wrapped and soldered 3x tubular wheels. Yet according to Peugeot’s advertising, this...

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  1. just did the alpine loop in harrisonburg va  on my 53/39 and13/26 in the back  everyone had compact and huge cassette in the back »

Seriously. Is it almost September? This was not the agreement, this was supposed to be an endless summer. And all you A-Holes down there in the Antipodes are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, enjoying longer days and shorter nights. I don’t need to tell you where you can take that, but it’s dark and it smells. I have no patien...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. vincenzo nibali 2. joaquim rodriguez 3. rigoberto uran 4. daniel martin 5. sergio henao »

Each of us throw a leg over our top tubes and submit ourselves to the open road in recognition of the risks involved. These risks include those of a puncture, crash, damaged equipment, disability, and – ultimately – death. We try to be vigilant, we ride assertively yet defensively, and we hope for the best. We take every reasonable precaution t...

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  1. this is awful ,repose en paix »

The early eighties saw the tide change in the European Peloton. Components were taking on a new, curvy shape as they left their boxy forms behind. The glint of toe clips in the sun would become a rarer sight as the move towards clipless pedals would take hold in 1985. English speakers were winning the big races classically won by continental Pros.T...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Alberto Contador 2. Christopher Froome 3. Cadel Evans 4. Ryder Hesjedal 5. Alejandro Valverde »

Day 5 of the Six Days of the Giro continues with an impromptu VSP event.Lets have a look at where we are in the 2013 Giro. Wiggins must have spent time training in Luxembourg because he’s been descending like a Schleck when things get dodgy before disappearing into the team van to have a cry about it. Hesjedal has put in some good moves and...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. hesjedal 2. evans 3. nibali 4. scarponi 5. uran »

Twiggo is dreaming of a Giro-Tour double. He has sent out mixed messages about his Tour ambitions. Will he use the Giro as the ultimate Tour preparation or will be burn all his matches in May and hope he can find another pack for July? He has abandoned his successful 2012 Tour run-up strategy of winning every stage race he entered the previous spri...

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  1. wiggins will crash VSP PICKS: 1. hesjedal 2. evans 3. nibali 4. bouhanni 5. uran »

There is something to love about a race that makes a deviation to its route for the simple joy of sending a fleet of professional riders up a fiendishly steep and narrow ramp. The Cote du Stockeu offers zero benefit to the route from a logistical standpoint – in fact, all it does is complicate things. On the way down from the Cote de Wanne &#...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. moser 2. gilbert 3. valverde 4. rodriguez 5. martin »

We came tantalizingly close to adding a foray up the Mur de Huy during our excursion to Liege-Bastogne-Liege during this year’s Keepers Tour. But good sense and the Anti-V prevailed, as they are wont to do, and only two of us were left wanting a dig at the most notorious finishing climb in the Classics season.I write this, then, woefully igno...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. contador 2. rodriguez 3. gilbert 4. sagan 5. esjedal »

Yes it is a race named after a barely drinkable Dutch beer. I have enjoyed Amstel beer, brought to our table by a nice waitress, sitting outside in the Dutch spring. Atmosphere is everything. Do the Dutch brew awesome beer? I drank some good stuff in Amsterdam last spring but I’m pretty sure it was Belgian.Now we begin the Ardennes three race...

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  1. Sagan will rise VSP PICKS: 1. Sagan 2. Hesjedal 3. Gilbert 4. Valverde 5. Slagter »

It looks so easy on the television. Well, no, actually it looks pretty bloody hard. We think we have some understanding of how they suffer, how their bodies can take the continual beating. But we don’t really know. Not even by riding these abominations they call roads twice in the space of a few days can we understand the scale of the thing...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. chavanel 2. cancellara 3. roleandts 4. vansummeren 5. ladagnous »

  2. VSP PICKS: 1. chavanel 2. cancellara 3. roleandts 4. vansummeren 5. rollin »

Imagine a world without the little things we take for granted; a house without a roof, a pub with no beer, a Keepers Tour without any clothes. The last one is a reality for me at the moment, five days in and still no trace of where the hell between Wellington and Paris my bag (filled with V-Kit, shoes, helmet, everything) is. The other thing that h...

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  1. edit VSP PICKS: 1. Sagan 2. Chavanel 3. Cancellara 4. Roelandts 5. Langeveld »

  2. VSP PICKS: 1. Sagan 2. Chavanel 3. Cancellara 4. Roelandts 5. Flecha »

Gent (Deinze)-Wevelgem, it starts with 130 km of cruising around Belgium and Northern France followed by a flurry of bergs and then a final 38 km of  flatter riding to the inevitable sprint finish. How hard can the climbing be if Super Mario got over them? Ask the riders from KT 2012, (the ones not in the following car) and they will tell you...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Sagan 2. Gilbert 3. Boonen 4. Rollin 5. Boivin »

Finally, we have Milan-Sanremo. I hope pedale.forcetta is ready to shoot some pictures, especially black and white because it will be cold and possibly wet. Throw in a little wind and a race of this distance will weed out the less hardy. Recently, but not too recently, this race would be won out of a decent size field sprint. And yet, besides Fabs...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. peter sagan 2. thor ushovd 3. philippe gilbert 4. moreno moser 5. mark cavendish »

Until the 70’s it was common to race on gravel roads, but the Paving of the Planet has led to nearly every road being graced by smooth, black tarmac. As is the case with most things, once we are shown the easy path, it is difficult to return to more arduous ways. So it is with gravel roads; we take measures to avoid unpaved roads and in doi...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Peter sagan 2. Lars Boom 3. Cadel Evans 4. fabian cancellara 5. Moreno Moser »

Outside my window, its pouring rain. My bike is leaning agains the wall in my office, covered in grim and grit from the ride in, which was characterized by equal parts cold, wind, and rain. The spot in the locker room where I changed before my shower was marked by sand and mud, and when I walked to the shower, I left a trail of dirty footprints.It...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Thor Hushovd 2. Lars Boom 3. Dominique Rollin 4. Edvald Boasson Hagen 5. Johan Van Summeren »

Clouds hang heavy in the sky, plump with a rain which contemplates the opportunity to hurl itself towards the Earth below. I get the sense that we wait for each other, the Rain and I; the rain relishes the opportunity to soak my clothes and skin, seeking to corrode my resolve while I cherish the opportunity to prove to myself that it will not be s...

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  1. @Tobin here in quebec what we lack in cobbles we make up in shitty roads »

  2. Dans ma tête je suis en Belgique »