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How can we not talk about the Tour? After Sunday’s stage it’s hard not to be a little excited. Until yesterday the most thrilling thing I had seen was Mark Cavendish’s mad man chase back to the peloton after a late-in-the-race crash. He needed to get back quickly as the race was hurtling toward a sprint finish he was supposed to w...

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  1. @Deakus And a head tube so tall only a OAP with welded vertebrae should be allowed to love… Is there a rule against tall head tubes? There should be one… »

Finally we can speak to this Paris-Roubaix mythology. The Keepers Tour group rode twenty-one sectors at something much slower than race speed. After the first sector we regrouped and we were all stunned by how bad it was. Twenty more sectors of that? That was horrendously tough.The first sectors are the easy ones. The hard ones start with the famou...

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  1. You can use “y” and “ij”, it’s the same thing. “Y” is the more the hand written version while “ij” is more the printed one. It’s one of the numerous “unexplainables” of Dutch… »

I can’t understand the American obsession with finger food in general and sliders in particular. Finger food, in its strict interpretation, should be food for your fingers, not food which is eaten with one’s fingers. While “finger food” is inaccurate as a generality, sliders are basically just hamburgers that never got the...

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  1. “Tout à droite” Everything on the right, as in big ring and the smallest cog. »

We met by chance, or so it seems. I suppose there really is no such thing as “chance”. I was ready for it, and it was there. I wasn’t really looking but, you see, it had been a while since I’d been happy.  I’d even strayed about some, trying a bit of this and a bit of that, but nothing really filled the void I felt w...

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  1. 1600Km per change? That’ll be about a month and a half between changes… »

There’s an air of Shakespearean tragedy to the death of Marco Pantani on Saint Valentine’s Day in 2004. Once the most famous cyclist in the world, he died alone in a hotel room on a day devoted to love.But his love – Cycling – had betrayed him. Once a fixture of the Nineties European road racing scene, he was part and parcel...

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  1. Or to Pluto. Please can he fuck off to Pluto? Can we set up a fund? Can’t cost more than a few billion, but it will be worth it. And he can take One Shotador. »

  2. In the evening when Italy is sad, She looks like Rimini, No, really, what took you, To go and die in Rimini, Blackbeard was waiting for you up there, The pirates where proud of you, No, really, what took you, T… »

All I can do is quote @michael:$27,250 for this POS. Don’t know if it’s worth an article or just a post, but for that price, I’d like my really cheap saddle set back properly. Continue reading...

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  1. Both of whom will get you trampled on/sued to eternity and beyond, if touched. »

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Innovation is ugly, inelegant. By it’s very definition, it is carried out with almost a kind of contempt for The Rules. With no regard for aesthetics, it is a domain ventured into by the casually courageous and mentally frail. It comes in fits and starts, and success is punctuated by devastati...

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  1. I think tri bars are OK in a group (they are here in Belgium – and the groups I ride in are anything from Kermesse riders, superprestige CX’s to Quickstep pros) BUT, you MUST ride holding the handlebars – period. And because they assume you know how to T… »