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Velominatus: GordG

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Peterborough, ontario

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The first tire patch kit I ever owned came in a big green box, had several patches of various sizes which were possibly made of old truck tires. It also came with a sheet of 60 grit sandpaper. The mild high offered from sniffing the glue while applying the patch almost made you stop caring you’d gotten a flat in the first place. Stoned on glu...

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  1. Hardmen used to carry their spare tubulars criss-crossed over the shoulders; no patches. Thought for some time that the spaghetti-western cliche was a spoof of such casual deliberance and elegance.    “We don’t need no stinking patches”. »

Think back to the early days of mountain biking. A bunch of friends, getting to the top of the hill any way they could, not needing to ride up at any great pace, saving themselves for the real buzz, the ride back down. It didn’t matter who got tot the top first, as long as everyone made it and then could share a chat, maybe a beer and a toke,...

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  1. Some mtb riders have cable obsession too…graceful arc, long enough to clear the head tube but not too long …. »