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Velominatus: Hans

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Amsterdam

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Finally we can speak to this Paris-Roubaix mythology. The Keepers Tour group rode twenty-one sectors at something much slower than race speed. After the first sector we regrouped and we were all stunned by how bad it was. Twenty more sectors of that? That was horrendously tough.The first sectors are the easy ones. The hard ones start with the famou...

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  1. Velominati, please have look at the work of Dutch camera man Rob Hodselmans, prepared for a documentary of Parijs-Roubaix of journalist and cycling adept Wilfried de Jong for Dutch television: »

  2. @Gildas Hi Gildas, not to be pedantic, but ‘y’ and ‘ij’ are not the same thing in Dutch… »