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Velominatus: IcemanYVR

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Vancouver, BC

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I take pictures... people pay me... in my spare time I ride... a lot.

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 Description: Route (well, mostly): Continue reading...

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    Description: Route (well, mostly):

    The Triple Crown Cogal will start riders from Musette Café, in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. We’ll ride across the Second Narrows Bridge, out to the darkest depths of North Vancouver, through some scenic rainforest before tackling the only hors catégorie climb in the area, Mount Seymour. We’ll top up water bottles at the bottom. From there the ride will head up through Lynn Valley Headwaters, and wend its way over to Grouse mountain, the shortest of the three climbs. A brief, caffeinated respite will follow at Delany’s in Edgemont Village will happen after the descent down Grouse. The ascent of the British Properties is next, affording the riders stunning views of Vancouver as we spin our way through one of Canada’s most elitist neighbourhoods. Lastly, the ride will continue to the west and ascend Cypress, the final climb of the day. To cap the ride off we’ll cross Lion’s Gate Bridge and cut through the always lovely Stanley Park. Apres Velo activities will happen at the Lions Pub.

    The ride can be described as ~130km of suffering. 3000m of climbing over six hours. It hurts. A lot

    Dutch Keepers are welcome to come, as the Dutch are quite familiar with running to Canada.

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    Date - August 24, 2013
    8:05 AM - 5:15 PM

    Musette Caffe

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At some point, I reckon the idea may dawn on me that I’m not a climber. Eighty kilos and standing something just shy of two meters, I’m not clear on why climbing is what speaks to me most about Cycling; I’m certainly not built like a grimpeur. But there is no question about it; I love riding in the mountains. I only have to catch...

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  1. Well done Frank… Chapeau That’s quick :) »


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  1. My buddy refers to these as “character building rides”… once the spring racing season is upon us, just the knowledge that we’ve done these long winter training rides makes us faster… … as typical in the PNW, I was hoping for rain today, something to… »

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  1. @Giles @Deakus Yes to both of you… I did in fact mean “RAIN” bike… cycling version of a freudian slip ;) »

  2. I have a dedicated winter/rain bike… it has fenders… ahem mudguards. Clubs around here won’t let you ride or relegate you to the back of the bus if you show up for a winter ride with no fenders. I would gladly ride without them if someone else was doi… »

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  1. I have an old Rolls in the basement, served it’s purpose for many years. Did my longest rides on that saddle… I went through a lot of bikes back then, but I just kept switching it from steed to steed.  it leaves me with some very fond memories. Now I’m… »

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  1. I think one of the things that saddens me the most about this whole fiasco is how I allowed a boyhood hero and idol to be sidelined by his “successor”. I went from adoring him to thinking he was just being jealous, old and washed up, that he had gone craz… »

With the writing of our first book supposedly well underway (but in reality being discussed ad-nauseum in the Boardroom rather than actually committed to text), The Rules have at least been getting some form of attention from The Keepers. When deciding which Rules each of us were to curate, no-one really had much idea what exactly was in there; ask...

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  1. @TBONE Absolutely… and classy »

  2. Anything over 2 hours, two full-size bidons for sure… this one of the very few rules I break… I’d rather be well hydrated and crushing my opponents than looking good while I’m bonking ;) »

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  1. Don’t have a mutt, but have my young son with me every time I wash and maintain my bike. He’s great company and learning many life lessons at the same time, how to love and care for your bike, bike maintenance, how to correctly use tools and how to care f… »

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  1. thanks for bringing back some fond memories… I too remember my first kit (black shorts and a La Vie Claire) jersey… »

Even Wiggo said it’s just a bike race. Bike racing may be just that but Cycling is life. And Love is life and it’s amazing when they all get tangled up together. We first heard from @Farzani months ago; a Belgian in training. She said she had an on-going story to tell and asked if we were interested. It’s an honor we can share the...

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  1. wow… amazing story. Thank you for sharing.  Not sure exactly what else to say, maybe I will after I grab a Kleenex. »

When we announced Keepers Tour 2012, one of the first to put up his hand and pony up for the Cobbled Classics experience was my good mate Rigid. When I first met this Wellington rider four or five years ago, his enthusiasm for cycling (on and off-road) was evident, but his grasp on the finer points of The Rules needed a polish; like any good Pedalw...

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  1. Congrats on your epic journey… 5 years going on I sill remember my last trip up the l’Alpe. For anyone who hasn’t ridden the Alps… find the time, make the time, it is SO worth it :) »

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  1. I’ve done Ride 542, an excellent, well organized event. It’s unfortunate that it’s on the same weekend as the RBC Whistler Grand Fondo… I’m sure that will hurt their participation numbers. The nice thing about Mt. Baker or any mountain for that matter … »

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  1. Wish I was able to watch the race live… not airing in Canada sucks VSP PICKS: 1. Boonen 2. Ballan 3. Pozzato 4. Hushovd 5. Chavanel »