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Domination, at least from the spectator’s point of view, can quickly wring the suspense and excitement out of watching an event. In most cases, the sporting events we look back on most fondly are those most closely fought; even in recalling my own competitions, those where my winning margin was smallest feature most prominently in my memories...

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  1. Great post Frank and well timed. Like a lot of other Velonomati, I was dissapointed with your previous attack on Froome.  Don’t let the fame off the book spoil things. »

I hadn’t planned to ride them every day. In fact, I had planned to only ride them once and let other people ride them. But, genius that I am, I forgot my ceramic brake pads and had to source some new ones which was a maddeningly difficult process given that Europe observes something in the neighborhood of 363 holidays per year.I was more than...

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  1. How long is that seatpost – it looks about a metre long? »