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Hear ye, hear ye, get thee, and a mirror, to your indoor trainer. This is going to be a multi-part series on getting the rider and the ride to a more perfect union. Most of us have never been professionally fit for our bikes. An inseam measured, a glance at a reflection when riding by a store window is our bike fit. I’m not advocating  that,...

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  1. Coming up on my 1 year anniversary of knee surgery, and 2nd anniversary of the start of the problem. That quote really hits home. Finally discovered cycling, then the knee thing. Back to the ortho next week. His nurse says I tried to do too much too soon… »

Think back to the early days of mountain biking. A bunch of friends, getting to the top of the hill any way they could, not needing to ride up at any great pace, saving themselves for the real buzz, the ride back down. It didn’t matter who got tot the top first, as long as everyone made it and then could share a chat, maybe a beer and a toke,...

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  1. Finally rode a 29er at Phil’s World in Cortez last weekend. It made me appreciate my 2010 Jamis 650b that much more. Although I worried that my socks were too long. »

Recently we had a photo of Yates on the stones. Two days later, it was the killer photo of Boonen getting down to business. Until then, Frank’s photo from that day was the best photo ever but @Harminator’s shot is better. Tom tosses the squeezed bidon. The glove-less Belgian is already on his own- it’s business time. I’ll be...

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  1. @Deakus Amen on the fit enough and rich enough »