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Velominatus: KSManning

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: United States

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I recently overheard someone say that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. This is the kind of statement that makes me want to hate people as a species a little bit. Of course there such a thing as bad weather. There are also bad people (loads of them), bad ideas (even bigger loads of them), bad advice (especially on the inter...

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  1. Speaking of bad advice, how is over-dressing a sound way to lose weight?  It’s a great way to lose too much fluid, that you should immediately replace anyway. »

Update: You can watch the live stream (assuming it works from the velodrome) on the Velominati channel at USTREAM. When you log in, you’ll first see my little test video of my puppy eating grass. Please disregard me yelling at it. That never happened.I have always considered myself to have a good imagination, something I attribute half to my...

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  1. No track experience and you’re riding at Alpenrose?  Ha!  Good luck with that. 36 km, if you even last the hour.  Sorry, but Alpenrose is tricky. »

Ah, February 14 is here again. A very special day for all of us. A day you don’t want to forget. A day when you make that extra effort to show the one you love just how much they mean to you. V Day.On this day, I will rise early, tiptoeing out of bed so as not to make any noise and stir the sleeping. I will dress quickly and quietly, leaving...

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  1. »

The task spreads out before me like molasses poured onto a tabletop, indulging in its viscous immensity. Its growing breadth makes it a kind of enigma, the sort distinguished by an elusive end and therefor an intangible beginning. It occurs to me, at this moment, that the difference between those who achieve and those who stagnate is not measu...

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  1. Yep, just like molasses this was thick, sweet, and syrupy. »

What is the best pro team kit ever? I’m talking team kit only, not a leader’s jersey, national team jersey or the national champion jersey. Not the worst either, for those are legion and worthy of a much longer article than this. @wiscot and I exchanged emails about Urs Freuler and the fantastic Atala kit which led to quick discussion o...

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  1. Not much sucks more than this poor guy (does he not realize YOU CAN SWITCH TEAMS? »

La Vie Velominatus. It is the life we, as Velominati, lead. It is life as a disciple of cycling, of the greater meaning the bike holds and the lessons it teaches us. Along the path, one of our great duties is the wholesale consumption of the great Works related to our sport. From periodicals to books to films, herin lies the list of works conside...

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  1. No mention of the “Fabulous World of Cycling” series by Winning International (AKA Winning Magazine)? »

Rule #57 is clear: No stickers. The detail-oriented Velominatus, however, will immediately understand the difference between a sticker and a decal. You cherish your machine; the Name Badge allows you to mark your trusted steed with your call-sign. Each Name Badge is hand-made to order and bears the name you designate.Made only of the highest-qua...

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  1. @snoov If you have a black bike order “white” and it’ll look great- just like in the picture. »

  2. Careful when you order, folks. The backing is clear, and the ‘black’ or ‘white’ means the letter color. I now have a clear sticker with black letters. For my black bicycle … »