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Is it spring yet?

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The Amstel Gold Race, 251 km from Maastricht to Valkenburg, the hard way. There appears to be no flat sections longer than ten meters. There are thirty-four mean little climbs to ruin the legs. We have moved on from the real Spring Classics. There is no rest in this VSP; The Ronde and Roubaix were amazing but we must continue. Legs that are smoked...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Kwiatkowski 2. Kreuzinger 3. Valverde 4. Gilbert 5. Chavanel »

It’s no secret that I’m prone to riding in the big ring as much as possible, mostly on account of my not being a giant sissy. In accordance with the ISO Non-Sissy Standard, I also never read instruction manuals or ask for directions when lost. I make sure to only rarely ask my VMH to turn up the radio when Adele comes on, usually follo...

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  1. Might have to admit there’s something to this theory. Gave it a shot this morning on my commute. There’s a little section with a few little rollers. Normally I’ll spin up the hills, but I tried it out of the saddle and in the drops this morning. Knocked … »

Have you ever been told to take a good look at yourself? Usually it infers that you need to smarten up your ideas, get your shit together, shape up or ship out. If Viagra eyedrops had an advertising campaign, (or indeed existed), their tagline would be: “Take a long, hard look at yourself.”Most Cyclists need to take a long hard look at...

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  1. @wiscot I’m as big a Packer fan as anyone, but I refuse to wear Packers gear year-round. It is reserved for Sunday afternoons between September and January/February. »

It has been a brutal week for us Keepers, having decided not to hold a Keepers Tour this year. Watching the action from half a world away has been almost too much for us to bear, and I know most of the participants from last year must be feeling similarly. On Sunday, we would be escorted by our friends and guides, William and Alex of Pavé Cycling...

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  1. @VeloVita My frame of reference may be much smaller, since I’ve only been following racing for about a year. However, from what I’ve seen they’re very different. I’ve seen Cancellara gesture with the elbow flick or a wave of the hand to try and get guys… »

  2. @andrew Yeah, I’m sorry, but I have to admit I was not super impressed with Boonen. When you’ve won P-R four times, do you really expect others to help you out? I’m sure it must be frustrating, but his constant gesturing seemed rather petulant, especia… »

  3. I think Tommeke is really going to want this one. I just don’t think anyone can beat Cancellara right now. I hope it comes down to the wire between the two of them. I really, really do. VSP PICKS: 1. Cancellara 2. Boonen 3. Vanmarcke 4. Van Avermaet 5. … »

The grade is long and I am climbing away. I’m not going to Pantani this: I am not out of the saddle, not in the drops and not leaving everyone in my wake. The climbing gear was engaged a long time ago. There is progress, but I am not dancing up this climb. A little more cadence would really help here. If I could just get this mother-lover spinnin...

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  1. @piwakawaka Dammit! »

  2. @bigricco71 I like that one. I’ve never been that fond of Too Fat To Climb.  I know I’m fat, but do I really have to use the word? »

I had always imagined that de Ronde van Vlaanderen must be hardest race in the world. The way I worked it out – having never ridden the course of either event at the time – was that de Ronde had the same cobbles as Roubaix, but with 20% grades thrown in. It makes enough sense so long as you don’t know what you’re talking abo...

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  1. @frank Nys is a great CX racer, obviously. But that just sounds rather unoriginal (I know, he probably didn’t coin it himself). Just seems to me that if you are a cyclist, regardless or discipline, there are a few nicknames that are off limits: Canniba… »

  2. @G’rilla When and how did Nys get the nickname The Cannibal? That seems a bit blasphemous, no? »

  3. @Tartan1749 Agreed.  I would seriously hesitate to call Cancellara weak this season. Is he the same rider as years’s past? No, and I’m sure he recognizes that. But, what makes him doubly dangerous, in my opinion, is his clear ability to adapt. He’s clea… »

  4. @Marko Given his amazing photos, I would heed any and all advice given! »

Details are what separate the Velominatus from the Cyclist; we don’t just pay attention to them – we devour them. Our bicycles are carefully curated with every part sourced to meet our personal specifications, requirements, or whim.And just as fine cufflinks round out a finely tailored suit, the Velominati V-Cog bar plugs dubbed the Han...

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  1. @VeloJello I think the amount of V in your last name makes up for the stem. »

I had always imagined that de Ronde van Vlaanderen must be hardest race in the world. The way I worked it out – having never ridden the course of either event at the time – was that de Ronde had the same cobbles as Roubaix, but with 20% grades thrown in. It makes enough sense so long as you don’t know what you’re talking abo...

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  1. @frank Mini-Phinney seems like the USA’s best hope in a while to win a monument. Or at the very least make  a good showing in the classics. »

This needs no introduction. The Spring Classics are truly upon us. The course has been modified yet again, it is tougher? The riders make the race and the 2014 Ronde van Vlaanderen is loaded with racers who could win or make the Velominati VSP placings. Just to pick the winner will not be nearly as easy as it has been recently. There are small clo...

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  1. I’m wondering if people will stop insisting that Fabs must go solo in order to win? He’s clearly shown that he can hold his own in the sprints. Doesn’t hurt when he can clearly outsmart the competition. »

  2. Two from Trek, two from OPQS. IMO, the two strongest teams in the race. VSP PICKS: 1. Cancellara 2. Sagan 3. Boonen 4. Devolder 5. Stybar »

Vlaanderen. Its no accident the Flemish word for Flanders starts with a V; there is nothing simple or easy about riding a bike here. If it isn’t wind, its steep bergs. If it isn’t tarmac, its cobbles. Most of the time, its all three. Oh, and the weather there sucks. In fact, Flanders doesn’t have weather – it has VVeather.De...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Amy Pieters 2. Emma Johansson 3. Elisabeth Armistead 4. Evelyn Stevens 5. Ellen Van Dijk »

Everyone knows you need at least three road bikes – two if you’re absolutely determined to make a point about minimalism. Bike Number One is reserved for good weather and events, and the Rain Bike for inclement weather. Just like our guns need to be pampered and rubbed down whenever we’re off the bike, any time Bike Number One isn...

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  1. @RedRanger My googly maps tells me you’re about 250km from West Bend where @wiscot is based. »

  2. @wiscot I’m not a basketball fan, and I’m not that big a Badgers fan (non-native Wisconsinite). But even I have to be excited about this one. On Wisconsin! @RedRanger That looks like a great ride! Beautiful area up there. We’ve got a cabin in Flore… »

  3. BTW, nice to see the Wisconsinites hijack the thread (sorry @frank!). Where’s @The Oracle?? »

  4. A WI cogal is a necessity. Cheesehead Roubaix is definitely on the agenda this year. I did the Door County Century last year. Very well run event. I’m still not sure which other big rides I’m going to be able to do this year. Our baby is due in early Se… »

  5. @teleguy57 Ah, I can smell it just looking at the photo. Pewaukee Lake is a great ride–one of my favorites in the area. In fact it might be on this weekend’s agenda. It’s a nice 70-75km loop around the lake from my house. More climbing than you might… »

  6. @wiscot Most all of my rides take me north and west of the city. I get into Waukesha, Washington and Ozaukee counties quite a bit. Some fantastic roads up there. Makes me feel like I’m in Flanders with the aroma of all the cow shit. »

  7. @frank Careful, you could get yourself arrested for that sort of thing. »

  8. @wiscot That’s cause you live up there in the middle of nowhere. You need to come down here and ride in the city more often! Seriously though, I find that the drivers in the near suburbs are worse. They’re soooo important, and I’m just in the way. »