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Velominatus: Kyle McCall

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Strasbourg, France

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A Portland based cyclist working to make his way in the world of bikes.

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The power of hair is not to be underestimated. Especially when it comes to having it carefully disheveled, with little bits poking out of the vents of your helmet. Indeed, hair sticking out of your helmet vents can be thought of as a conduit to The V; the strands reaching into the Ether, channeling its power like a lightening rod into your very b...

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  1. @ben Wow, that is a nice beard. Did he get the tattoo? He looks like he woulda been down. »

  2. @frank Cipollini is definitely not a douche. Maybe an asshole, but only in the Team America definition of an asshole. The world needs ‘em. I once found a Mario Cipollini world champion jersey in a used clothing shop and it was so cheap it was worth buying… »

Attention all hands-Cogal has been cancelled as of August 13th.  Continue reading...

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  1. Attention all hands-Cogal has been cancelled as of August 13th.


    UPDATE: I’ve changed the date from Friday the 16th to Saturday the 17th of August. This should allow folk with Monday thru Friday type jobs a better chance to attend. It’s highly encouraged that you plan on arriving Friday late afternoon, or early evening. Once off I-5, the road is narrow and mountainous. It’s also easier to set up your camp (I’ll have a site or 2 secured) without headlamps. If you plan on attending and don’t have my “real” e-mail addy, RSVP to Hope to see you out there. It’s gong to be HARD.

    After some IPA fueled texts between myself, the Dutch Monkey and McSqueak, we decided that it was time to take this whole Cogal thing up a notch. More specifically, we’re aiming for this to be the standard for which all others will be judged by.

    The date will be August 17th, 2013. We will roll out from Lower Lewis Falls Campground at 0730 on that day as V after VV will be too late a start. There’s a Cat II 14K in, you know, to warm up. Then we’ll get lulled by the speed of an endless decent some 65K long down to the Columbia River. Short trip up the river to White Salmon WA, then we get to go to “work”. A solid 30K of low angle climbing, except right at the end. Screaming fast decent, and of course, another Cat II. I thought it’d be nice to have a short bit of gravelling at the end. So this route is 210Km long with a solid 2700M of climbing. That’s 130 miles and 8800 feet of climbing for us Americans that can’t visualize that distance in our head.
    This Cogal is not for the faint of heart, and you REALLY need to assess your ability to finish this during daylight hours. This is truly going to be Rule V/VV stuff. There will be no sag wagon, and while there are small towns to refuel at, the last 60K there’s nothing except the occasional car and no cell service. Run out of gas, and you’ll be sleeping in alone, in lycra, in Sasquatch Country and/or poison oak, with just carbon to keep you warm.
    Once we figure out the number of people giving this a go, we’ll co-ordinate getting cars/ camping supplies to the campsite at the end. The site is wonderful, but there’s no 5 star, marble showers to be had. A glacier fed river will wash away the day. There will be a keg of the PNW’s finest, and Mrs Scaler, Ms McSqueak, and any other tag-along’s that just want to camp, will have food waiting.
    The route is tough, the views second to none, and the suffering: glorious.

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    Date - August 17, 2013
    7:35 AM - 8:00 PM

    Lower Lewis Falls Campground

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