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Order: Level 4 Velominatus

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  1. @Fausto Crapiz Or riding in the rain… seems I ride so much half the time I get soaked and hardly notice. Somebody say “saddle”? Not giving up my Brooks. Even when the adjuster post snapped, bought one from factory and installed at LBS. But you’re suppose… »

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  1. Middle aged curse… abandoning road for hiding in woods far from motoring idiots… or are you? Cycling is freedom through intent concentration and self exertion. Motoring is capitulation to distraction, impatience, and weakness. Yahoos race SUVs through the… »

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  1. Lexicon is a linguist’s word list. Bixicon is a bicyclist’s word list. Bike&Chain has a 30 pager, but perhaps not as fanciful as yours. »

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  1. Long since forgotten seat post slippage, as mine on my steel Italian has welded itself into place after 100,000 km. Ain’t going nowhere. Will link you and new book on my ongoing Bicycling Culture website (revived in 2008), supporting the velorution since… »