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There must still be a few readers out there who have not followed the Dutch Monkey down the merry tubular path; for them I offer an update on an alternative. Road tubeless has been lauded as the best thing to happen to cycling since the introduction of seatpins. These have been around for years but the road version has not gathered the expected mom...

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  1. @LouBad form replying to my own post but to address some of the points made at the top of the article (of course they were made nearly 2 years ago, so things have moved on). Installation Simple, I had the tyres fitted on the rims inside 20 minutes and u… »

  2. I’ve been running Schwalbe One Tubeless on Easton EA90 RT rims since March, about 3200km done.  So far they’ve been fanstastic. I had one puncture that wouldn’t self seal, a small piece of flint was embedded in the tyre, I pulled it out by hand and it was… »