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Velominatus: Luke Bartlett

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Perth, WA, Australia

Social: Website

21, engineering/physics student, getting back into riding on the road. Driver beware.

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The Theory of Special Relativity states that time for a moving object passes more quickly than for a stationary object. Einstein, in deriving this theory, demonstrated great insight and creative power for which he is considered perhaps the greatest mind in human history. If he had owned a set of rollers, however, he’d be considered a common...

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  1. So, in summary, if we are using the stationary person’s clock, then we will be able to ride for alot longer than an hour. But, only an hour will have passed to the stationary guy. But if we were looking at our watch, we would stop after one of our hours a… »

  2. @frank Yeh, and also, we have to use general relativity here, since you accelerate around the corners (accelerating being defined as a change in velocity, and then a change of direction means a change in velocity (which is a speed and a direction). Theref… »