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A Yorkshireman living in Scotland, I own 5 bikes: Charge Mixer 11 for daily commuting/utility use; Specialized Crossroads HU8 now semi-retired and shod with studded tyres for use in snowy/icy conditions; Tifosi CK7 triple for winter road riding and touring with luggage; Ribble Sportive Carbon Centaur Compact for day rides or supported tours; Specialized Rockhopper Disc for off-road riding (I don't use it much!)

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Evolution doesn’t really seem to be part of the picture anymore, at least not where humans and our direct reports are concerned. We control an astounding number of genetic defects in ourselves, our pets, and agriculture while Science and Technology give Natural Selection swirlies in the locker room.Take exercise-induced asthma, which is a con...

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  1. Surely there are some disadvantages to non-round chainrings? If you set up the front derailleur to change optimally when the effective radius of the Q-Ring is in the middle of the range, won’t it change less well if you happen to change when the maximum o… »

I’m a non-climber who enjoys climbing. I’d enjoy it more if I was good at it. And “enjoy” might be too strong a word, “tolerate” might be better. But dragging 89 kilos up a volcano gives one time to contemplate the cycling life .Let us define non-climber. It’s someone either too fat, too big (gravitationally challenged) or a fast- twi...

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  1. The most important attribute for climbing well up significant mountains like the Stelvio, assuming you’re in reasonable physical shape, is MENTAL STRENGTH. You’ve got to accept that you’ll be going up an 8% gradient (+/- a few percent) with no respite for… »

We’re not really supposed to have favorites, but everyone does. Just ask your parents. So while I’m not supposed to have a favorite, I do, and its Rule #9.Bad weather immediately separates the wheat from the chaff, and so the weekend warriors stay indoors and leave the roads to the devout. I talk most often about riding in the rain, wi...

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  1. @Deakus You’ve provoked a serious case of bike-envy in me, Deakus! Great to see such fabulous work being done in Yorkshire. I’ve been drooling over the photos on the Feather Cycles website and was most impressed by this custom dropout: »

  2. @strathlubnaig I could excuse your rear mudguard, but not ‘fender’, when riding in Scotland! »

Everyone knows that the quality of one’s character is measured by the size gear they can push, particularly when going uphill. It is also a well-established fact that no self-respecting Flemish Pro would ever ride a Compact, no matter what condition their knees are in or how ferocious the gradient. Which, by extension, means that Compacts are...

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  1. @Roark Is this the ramp of which you speak? I was very glad I had a 34-30 the day I rode up that beast. »

We close out the 6 Days of the Giro with our sixth and final installment.A body at rest, stays at rest. A body in motion, stays in motion. Things get a bit more ambiguous when it comes to a body on a bicycle tearing down a twisty mountain descent at speed, particularly in the rain. But it is here, on the boundary between clarity and ambiguity, wher...

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  1. @strathlubnaig Miles Per Hour ;-) »

  2. And talking of overcooking things, this was the sad result of misjudging an S-bend while descending the Col du Pre in the Northern Alps last year. The accident report suggested I slid up to 50m, which I find hard to believe. I was only going about 40 kp… »

  3. @JohnB Cairn o’ Mount is my local climb. The photo records my highest speed (in mph – sorry for the rule violation!) descending the south side towards the Clatterin’ Brig one day in July 2012. It’s a tricky descent, because a couple of bends have adverse… »

If I spent half a summer riding with one hand on the tops and one on the hoods, I spent the other half riding with each hand deliberately gripping the hoods differently. As any young Cyclist growing up in the United States in the late 80s, I had a major thing for Greg LeMond.I imagined Greg to be the perfect Cyclist, as youth often does of their...

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  1. @actor1 Yikes! Descending without brakes and without full control of steering? Don’t your mountain roads have any bends? »