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Did everyone got tired of seeing a nearly naked Marcel Kittel on the massage table for the Tour’s VSP page? I know I didn’t. Young Kennaugh will be sporting his British road race jersey and his proper shoe/sock pairing in this Vuelta. Get used to it. Ladies and gentleman we have a race. We have some Giro winners, we have some Tour...

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  1. @Mikael Liddy Nice day, a little chilly, but good venue. Orica had it dialed in, Friday and Sunday! I think they’re leadout was in place and in front at least 1000m (?) from the finish. We were at the 100m on the finish straight just as Gerran’s last le… »

  2. @piwakawaka I confess, there are close to 24-hours of unwatched Vuelta stages on the hard drive at home. But therein lies the problem, I haven’t been home for almost two-weeks. I’m just surprised there is not more commentary here. This Vuelta is everyth… »

  3. Just because no one seems interested in the Vuelta, here’s a shot of the Cannondale boyz from Friday’s Le Grand Prix Cycliste – Quebec! Beautiful fall day in a beautiful city. Now we’re off to Montreal for tomorrow’s race up and down Mount Royal. 17 tim… »

  4. Nice. 26-points. Attacking from the front of the peloton and bridging to the break-away group! »

  5. VSP PICKS (2nd Rest Day Swaps): 1. Alberto Contador 2. Joaquim Rodriguez 3. Alejandro Valverde 4. Fabio Aru 5. Wilco Kelderman »

  6. @Rob This. It’s all about consistency and that’s why it was impossible to not pick Quintana for the Giro, or Vuelta. Or is it just that poker face that makes you think he’s invincible? Froome (crash out of the Tour and during training for the Vuelta) a… »

  7. I can’t not pick Quintana to win, Froome (his training crash) spooks me, literally too, besides his girlfriend drives me nutz, Valverde will hold back for the Worlds, but I can’t ignore him, Rodriguez is tanned, ready and hungry, I loved Aru’s riding in t… »

Jump to: Scoring Guidelines • Prizes • Schedule • ResultsThe Velominati Super Prestige is a season-long competition wherein readers will be submitting their predictions for the top five finishers of each qualifying race.  In order to qualify, your picks via the VSP Picks form above the posts section of the VSP Event article pertaining to the...

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  1. @Rob Yes, as co-leader of Movistar with Valverde. Plus Horner, Froome, Contador thinks he’s recovered enough to race, Rodriguez, Sagan, Boonen, Tony Martin, Uran, and on and on and on. No Costa or Cavendish, so far. This is going to be good. »

  2. So can we get to the Vuelta already? Gawd, I’m getting itchy, let’s go! »

July 13 2014 marked the 35th anniversary of the seminal ‘cycling film’ Breaking Away. 35 years. Nothing stays popular for that long, right? Things get dated, lose their edge (if there was edge in the first place) and eventually become irrelevant (I’m looking at you, Rolling Stones). Yes, even legends get stale if left out too lon...

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  1. @wiscot I graduated from UW-Madison (too many years ago to count) and would seriously like to someday return and ride the roads of central and SW Wisconsin. But in 1978 the ride was for transportation and there was little thought to getting out of town … »

  2. @Gianni Did you see the YouTube clip of Kevin Reza? Some fans helmet cam got knocked into the road and the middle of the peloton. Kevin Reza picks it up off the road and starts taking shots of the other riders in the peloton. Great clip by a rider of o… »

The race of the funny hat.Every team seems to have included one or two riders fresh off the Tour. One would either feel ruined or unbeatable a week after that slug fest, more than likely, ruined. I imagine there are a few riders dodging calls from their directors this week. Continue reading...

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  1. @xyxax I knew there was a reason I didn’t pick Gilbert or Sagan (that’s a surprise, when was the last time Sagan didn’t finish or withdrew?) to finish in the top five. Gilbert probably withdrew cause he had a chest infection last week and couldn’t train… »

  2. VSP PICKS: 1. Alejandro Valverde 2. Romain Bardet 3. Tejay Van Garderen 4. Michael Rogers 5. Bauke Mollema »

It has been many years (25!) since professional female cyclists have raced on the cobbles of the Champs Elysées. While running the Giro Donne concurrently with the Tour de France makes no sense to me, this Sunday’s women’s race does make sense. It should be the model for a Women’s Tour de France: the route, infrastructure, roadsi...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Marianne Vos 2. Giorgia Bronzini 3. Elizabeth Armistead 4. Kirsten Wild 5. Emma Johansson »

Attention all Velominati. The Tour VSP is going on line and it should be a good one. Sure, between Froomy and Bertie a person could hedge their bets but Moviestar is all in for Valverde, BMC for TeeJay, Astana for the Shark and Garmin is finally committing to a team leader in Talansky. Some other teams (ahem…Trek Factory Racing for one) have...

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  1. That worked out well. Carry on! »

  2. @piwakawaka Yeah. Guess you have to play around with the size and do some cropping in Picture Manager. »

  3. Photo by Kåre Dehlie Thorstad for Peloton Magazine Just cause I think it’s a great picture, Reza is doing an awesome job, he’s French, and his presence makes the peloton richer. »

  4. @unversio Funny thing is, that’s a great result for Schleck and a terrible result for Talansky. Tells you everything you need to know about this tour. »

  5. Might as well make big changes, the cost is high, but when your #1 & 2 are finished, what are you going to do? VSP PICKS (1st Rest Day Swaps): 1. Vincenzo Nibali 2. Alejandro Valverde 3. Ritchie Porte 4. Tejay Van Garderen 5. Rui Costa »

  6. @Ron What?! You don’t equate driving a Cadillac Escalade with the elegance and privilege of the French royal court of 18 c. France (commercial on NBCSN tour coverage)? Or that this is desirable and a winning formula for social prosperity and economic pr… »

  7. @ChrisO True all that. But, great interview (long one) with Brailsford on the Telegraph Tour podcast yesterday. He places a higher value on a cohesive team (Froome-Porte) that can get along for four weeks, rather than Froome-Wiggins and team friction as… »

  8. @Buck Rogers I think it was perfectly predictable, Nibali has great bike handling skills (rides like Sagan), he’s aggressive and attacks (ref this year’s San Remo), can ride in the cold, rain and on wet pavement (again, ref his descent on the Cipressa a… »

  9. @ChrisO Isn’t Porte the SKY ‘Plan B’. Wasn’t he supposed to be the GC rider for SKY at the Giro ? I mean really, Porte is probably as good as most any teams GC guy on the road today. »

  10. @Ron Did you see the intermediate sprint today in Epping Forest? Look for it somewhere. Coquard was smoking hot, quick and fast. Definitely has a big future. »

  11. @Fausto Crapiz Maybe, maybe not, but the official start list is posted to the internet(s) on the official TdF website, right? Just teasin’ »