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Saw the light late. Geek. Epicurean unless on a bike.

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  1. @sthilzy Apart from violating at least five rules, he was endangering the Europcar rider by running right in front of him. There were definitely too many jackasses per sqm that day on Monte Zoncolan. »

  2. @the-farmer I think we can all say A-Merckx to that. Let’s remember this Giro stage for what it was: an epic battle that led over the Giro’s two most mythical  colli in pure V-weather and then introduced a climb whose name translates to “The Hammer Vall… »

  3. Does anybody know whom Pirazi’s vaffanculo gesture was meant for? »

  4. @KW You don’t become a Russian oligarch by being honest and playing by the rules. What do you think he’d have said if his rider had done what Quintana did? Quintana’s group wasn’t supposed to overtake the red flag, so a fine would have been adequate, … »

  5. Here’S a statement by race organizers RCS: Whole descend or just the first hairpins, it should be clear to everybody you’re not supposed to overtake a commissaire waving a red banner, no? »

  6. @Mikael Liddy Yep, he says that for safety reasons the race is neutralized for the descent, and that there will be a motorbike with a red banner that is not to be overtaken. He asks every rider to remain at his position for safety reasons, not to overta… »

  7. (I cannot login, am I the only one?) @Mikael Liddy It starts in the middle of a sentence, but here we go:  [Quintana and his group| are 2 min 2 sec behind the leader of the race. Uran and the others are 53 sec behind the. After another 14 km of descen… »

  8. @wiscot So right wiscot, and the Val Martello is not exactly made for big guys, especially the last two km. Awesome effort. Bloody TTT…. »

  9. @VeloVita Hahaha, I’m sorry. Yellow’s for 2015 though, they don’t call him the Columbian badger for nothing… »

  10. It’ official, Quintana in yellow. »

  11. @andrew Thanks! »

  12. Has anybody seen Cuddles? »

  13. Quintana is with Pierre Rolland and I believe Hesjedahl and Rabottini.  His advance is 2 minutes, since descending for the Stelvio. There’s was no neutralisation. »

  14. Cataldo takes Cima Coppi, well I guess it was him, it’s hard to see in a snow shower… »

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  1. @ScottyCycles62 Wow! Have you all seen this? »

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  1. @Minnesota Expat »

  2.   @Buck Rogers Glad you’re mentioning the 25-points-down-thing, there’s really no need to lose you’re shit, people, I’ll end up dead last anyway. Pedro had the clock already running, I have -25. (Besides the whole thing wasn’t my fault. During voting … »

  3. Ha, it actually worked and I COULD participate despite delgadoing. Thank you admins! And as for the haters, I wish you all  the haircut of Theunisse. VSP PICKS (1st Rest Day Swaps): 1. Quintana 2. Uran 3. Rodriguez 4. Evans 5. Scarponi »

  4. VSP PICKS (1st Rest Day Swaps): 1. Quintana 2. Uran 3. Rodriguez 4. Evans 5. Scarponi »

  5. @simonsaunders Exaclty! And would it be possible to give those who’s Delgadoed a second chance while you’re at it? »

  6. Oh no, Delgado’ed. »

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  1. Either Tyler’s black tie dress is too short and too colorful or he brought the wrong socks. »

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  1. My daughter turned V on V.V.199V. I still don’t understand why she turned out to be a dancer and not a cyclist. »

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  1. *Eurosport 2*, sorry »

  2. Eurosport 1 shows some Motorbike stuff and Eurosport Tour of Turkey. WTF? »