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  1. @RedRanger I think it is still our duty to tell it to him as often as we can. But this is something most of my classmates (economy, nothing with computers) can do in Excel. Where would someone who actually knows his coding go wrong? »

  2. @RedRanger I know, I disputed as well, but if there’s something wrong with the coding Frank might like to know. »

  3. I have both Scarponi and Rodriquez, and they are correctly mapped, but I have 0 points for them in my VSP. Are they wrongly mapped on the result side or is there a bug? »

  4. De Gendt is a fucking madman: Who the f*ck attacks on a 200+ km ride with the Mortirolo and Stelvio on the second to last day of the Giro and gets away with it? Too bad I couldn’t see the last 30 km, but I heard he attacked and dropped his breakaway comra… »

  5. @frank Have you seen de Gendt? Monstrous escapes in Paris Nice from last year, good on the Alpe and in Grenoble… That guy has talent. I once said a friend “he’s a good breakaway rider, but he can’t do it alone.” He did it alone. He told me “No worries, … »

  6. Kreuziger is still disappointed with his Giro performance, wants to do the same thing again. I’d love to see him try, and I would love even more to see him get it! VSP PICKS: 1. Hesjedal 2. Basso 3. Scarponi 4. Roman Crossiger 5. J-Rod »

  7. Damn, need to update these picks with the latest insights VSP PICKS: 1. Hesjedal 2. Basso 3. Scarponi 4. Joaquin Rodriquez 5. Duran Duran »

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  1. Kreuziger had an amazing ride as well today. »

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  1. Basso to go solo, Hesjedal to drop Rodriquez with his powerful climbing, Pozzovivo to pass both and Uran to make Scarponi look bad. Or Hesjedal and Basso do a TT up this mountains together. VSP PICKS: 1. Basso 2. Pozzovivo 3. Hesjedal 4. Rodriquez 5. U… »

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  1. Rule V and remember: Only the finish counts. Don’t care about your picks until the last day has ended. »

  2. @Steampunk On the other hand, he was almost outsprinted by Basso. Look back at the footage. Basso is turning a massive gear and everyone is just waiting for him to cross the line. That Rodriquez won is not something to be amazed at, but the fact he was al… »

  3. @Steampunk His sprint wasn’t as impressive, Basso went fairly early and Rodriquez could barely match his acceleration. Add to that that he’s been on form since just before the AGR… He could suddenly crack in one of the coming stages, and even if he does… »

  4. @RedRanger On who? Scarponi is looking like a wet towel, Ryder is going to suffer, Basso isn’t the TT rider he was before… I see him losing time, but not over a minute. »

  5. @Gianni I can see Ryder winning the Giro. On the other hand, I can also see Basso putting major time into everyone on the last stage. He looks like he has the most power and endurance. Wish I picked Hesjedal and Rodriquez instead of Kreuziger, Rujano and … »

  6. @wiscot Hugs and chats are things you can do when you’re retired. Basso, you just worked your ass of to gain time on Scarponi. You should be hating him, not hugging him. Scarponi, Basso just dropped you and tried to gain time on you. You should be hiding … »

  7. Rodriquez commented after today’s stage that he could not ride another day like that and that he thinks that Ryder and Michele can’t either. He also said Basso is still looking very strong. Is this Rodriquez throwing up a smokescreen or is he surrenderin… »

  8. @motor city THAT was impressive! At some point the peloton was doing over 60 km/h and they still weren’t gaining enough! »

  9. @wiscot I will now give 3 arguments for a lot of Cavendish victories: 1. He’s really fast. Even if he would decline a bit, he’s still among the fastest men around. 2. His leadout train. As long as his leadout goes practically unchallenged, he’ll keep winn… »

  10. @wiscot Cavendish? He will keep winning for at least a couple of years, I think he might actually beat The Prophet’s total. Until Sagan beats him. And Ferrari has a nasty punch, but today was for the fast men. Those that have the highest maximum speed, a… »

  11. @minion Winning by simply not losing. »

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  1. @The Oracle I agree, only 10 years ago my mother stayed at home to take care of my younger siblings. But today, even though the youngest is only 11, both my mum and dad need a full time job just to be able to pay for the house etc. »

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  1. @Oli And then Sagan comes and takes all the victories. »

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  1. Would love to hear anyone not Dutch pronounce zacht gekookt ei. Also the guy without muscles sounds like me, except I’m in the Netherlands right now and I AM carrying my computer. »

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  1. @frank I would love it if other races did that too, but they should make commentaries available in multiple languages then. Because I can imagine the Tour and Paris-Roubaix feeds being French. »

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  1. Peter Winnen hated that race. He hated every race, actually, now I think about it. Only in Spain and the Tour because it was at least warm then. »