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Velominatus: Polly

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: South of Boston

First love is the mountain bike, but the speed and sleekness of the road bike is VERY close second. I'm also a big fan of cycling literature, history, and photography.

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This is possibly the most offensive piece of gear I have encountered on a bike. Do you really need a little orange wand to tell you what gear you’re in? There is only one gear to be in: the hardest one at which you can still make the pedals go around in something resembling a circle.These goofy little things were found on the bike I rented la...

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  1. First time long time … Recently rented a Tiagra equipped bike while on vaca with the wife – worked well enough. Didn’t even realize the gear indicators were there, and took a second to figure out what they were once discovered. As @Steampunk and othe… »