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Velominatus: Rob

Order: Gray Order Velominatus

Location: Miami Beach, close to America

Old dog rider with some amateur race experience back in the day. Still going fast but seeing the writing on the wall... Day job is self employed metal smith. Occasional mushroom hunter, collector of antique spoons

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A great unknown awaits the young men, bound by a common entity of steel, flesh and passion rolled together. Do they contemplate the future, or are they so encapsulated in the here and now that anything beyond the finish line seems like it could only be for old people? Have they any inkling which path they will take, or be guided towards? Maybe...

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  1. @Beers  it looks like he put on his smoking slippers for a snack, a cigar and a kip? I only have seen one six and that was a modern one ( I’m not that old) – only 4-5 hours a day and of that only a couple of hours of Madison. The rest was entertaining dev… »

  2. @Buck Rogers Whoooeee – I’m IN. Just give me a time and a place! P.S. – so glad we can’t do stupid embarrassed silly faces. Just don’t go overboard with this new knowledge or the plebes are going to think… »

  3. @girl Yes to it reading as fun, @ChrisO’s riposte too! And I post with the true expectation that no one takes my word or thoughts as anything but an opinion and usually a large dose of tongue in cheek. Having said that, I want to state clearly that Tr… »

  4. Ok, I can’t remember what the original article is about but I’m enjoying the @Girl coment – snap back at @ChisO and as usual @Buck you kill me. That little cadidiot should be tied to a link of the old chain that spanned the Hudson and thrown in for a swim… »

Attention, this is the final event on the Men’s VSP calendar for 2014. There is one more Women’s event to come. We may already have a winner of this years over-all but the rest of the podium could be up for grabs. @il muro di manayunk has broken away and I’m not sure @steampunk is going to chase him down. Has everyone noticed how...

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  1. @xyxax Yes, until it touches our shores we don’t really pay attention but that is a bit touchy feely bout the cremasterics? I mean is it just men who need the slap and tickle to wake up? In all seriousness, are you involved and will you have to head o… »

  2. @Steampunk Steamy, this raises the question, if an Ebola carrier  spits at -30c is he still contagious? I hear winter started up north… down here we’re going to have it spreading like butter on a hot skillet. »

  3. @xyxax So that means, since I’m look, that I can’t borrow it? »

  4. Oh kripes, this is like the club Halloween (or the Guy) race when you just want a friggin rest until the six day season starts… Never rode a six or a lot of other races that had bergs or cobbles but I do know how it feels when your ready to hang up the… »

  5. Keepers and podiums well done, what a terrific season, the completion was fierce. My opening spring campaign had me on the third step for a blink and since I had not contended seriously since the first VSP that had me falling asleep with visions of a new … »

Doing things the hard way is a luxury. It says to the world that we’ve beat evolution; intelligence is no match for technology and economy is no match for indulgence. We need only step a bit outside our bubble to realize the scale of the illusion, but nevertheless it has become reality for many of us who live our lives happily and fortuna...

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  1. I have ridden electro, integrated brake shifters too and every time when I get back to my old girl (she’s a blue Bianchi but labeled Bertoni!) with down tubees I am relieved and calmed. Electric was the tits, sure, smooth, bullet proof. Integrated I do no… »

I’m getting too old and cranky for all this race schedule changing. I know they already did this last year and presumably I had the same gripings then, but Lombardia is supposed to close out the season and I’m downright angry that Paris-Tours is closing out the books now; it only seems right that one of the most beautiful races should...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Aru 2. Bauke 3. Hesjedal 4. Bardet 5. Kelderman »

You can only spend so much time with the Schlecks before you start talking like them, and the fabulous Fabs seems to have crossed the threshold. I’ve heard more complaining from him this season than I have talk about pushing harder on the pedals or going steady up with more speed or going full gas like everyone else, but just doing it for ...

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  1. @xyxax @xyxax the first year I was top10, now it’s mind bendingly hard and I suck. But dam you and Steamy (no matter that he is folding like a cheap tent to peer pressure) are hot! Good luck, if you are on the top step Veloforma will be cursing the day … »

  2. VSP PICKS: 1. Cancellara 2. Garrans 3. Vanmarcke 4. Matthews 5. Kolobnev »

This is big. This is the race that decides the arc-en-ciel  jersey for the next year. It is the best looking jersey. It carries the most baggage. It also brings the most respect. The World Championship is a circuit race of attrition. In Ponferrada Spain it’s an 182 km loop done seven times, with a total of 2142 m of climbing. Is it a climber...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Vos 2. Johansson 3. Stevens 4. Armistead 5. Van Dijk »

If Tony gets a flat or two and loses this time trial, bookies will be jumping off bridges into the Thames. It’s a lock, man, it’s a lock. There, it is now jinxed. You are welcome. Picking second through fifth will take some acumen. Will these be Vuelta riders or does that just hold true for the road race? Tony could have a jour sans. Co...

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  1. @Minnesota Expat right you are. Actually I love that Brit thing – it’s never boring! Like some on the other end of the Chunnel…(calm down Froonk, just kidding). Wiggo should have a bonkers good year coming up. »

  2. @davidlhill yes to putting him in the pantheon but there is a slight hiccup with his “British” eccentricity, no? That is when the competition is Anquetil, Coppi, Merckxs et al? »

  3. @xyxax honest I’m not wheelsucking, I made my picks without seeing yours! VSP PICKS: 1. Martin 2. Wiggins 3. Dumoulin 4. Malori 5. Dennis »

All hail, the Worlds are upon us. The time trials should be events where all VSP participants can rack up some decent points. Remove team tactics, national team versus trade team allegiances, using this event to train for another event, bonking and hanging onto team cars from the equation. All one is left with are possible flat tire, possible mecha...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Van Dijk 2. Johansson 3. Stevens 4. Van Vlueten 5. Borghini »

Jens Voigt is set to retire as we speak, having one final crack at a long break in some race in the Cycling backwater of the USA. Is it fair or fitting that he should go out like this, slipping out the back door with little fanfare, while others have been doing a farewell tour of all the big races, replete with fancy commemorative shoes and a son...

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  1. I know he said he talked to Spartacus before deciding to ride. That conversation, I think they are friends, could have been pretty funny – “I’d like to do the hour, do you mind?” “Mind, why?  Oh no do it (snicker). It will be good to see what you do… … »

  2. One thing about Jens is he is just consistent. What a cool thing to know ones self so well and go into that effort and do it. If we had been watching Merckxs in Mehico you know we’d be thinking its a sure thing. Jens, on the other hand, while he has wins … »

  3. Frinckin Jensy, he looks like the little kid about to go in the candy store, lovin the clock discs. My bet is around 52 kph… After looking at the current records: (a) UCI unified record (from 2014) – Sosenka  49.7 (b) UCI hour record (until 2014) – M… »

Stupidity is a powerful force never to be underestimated. Geese are a good example; a more stupid vertebrate one would be most challenged to come across yet should you wander into a flock of them pecking about peacefully in a field, one is likely to erupt from its grazing to grab a billful of your ass and commence beating you savagely with it...

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  1. @Puffy did not see the apology vid but she was fired from her job – a police officer! What a twat. @Frank, Im not sure I want to play nice anymore? Back in the dark ages as a lone commuter for 4 years in London I had to obey all traffic rules and cars we… »

@Bianchi_Bob sent his article in just this week. Its sense of urgency required it to be published NOW. We all need reminding to live in the moment; here is a good reminder. Thanks Bianchi Bob. Yours in Cycling, Gianni Continue reading...

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  1. @Bianchi_Bob thank you, it is so great to SEE her and her wonderful strength and beauty! That is the best possible image – ever. »

Did everyone got tired of seeing a nearly naked Marcel Kittel on the massage table for the Tour’s VSP page? I know I didn’t. Young Kennaugh will be sporting his British road race jersey and his proper shoe/sock pairing in this Vuelta. Get used to it. Ladies and gentleman we have a race. We have some Giro winners, we have some Tour...

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  1. @Steampunk True that and lets hope the same crew comes to the tour fit and with Quintana. it has been a great race to watch. One thing, giving Contador his due as a great mountains rider, I just don’t like his style. Meaning that it always seems he is o… »

We are cyclists, the rest of the world merely rides a bike. What defines us as cyclists? Can a recumbent rider be a cyclist, a unicyclist, a fat recumbent rider with hairy legs and a YJA on? I think yes but am I snob for even asking?Years ago, I was helping a woman at another research institution set up some scientific equipment. Evidently we kept...

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  1. You may be a cyclist if? Your favorite way to travel is on a bike anywhere, anytime. You need to ride. You shift your weight back on the saddle as you pull on the front brake. You feel naked without a helmet even to the corner store. Clipping in is thoug… »