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Velominatus: Robb1112

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: On the rivet


Mamil with n+1 bikes

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The Velominati have our own set of nicknames and terms which have developed over time through posts and correspondence. Some of these are names of landmarks or terms in cycling; others are nicknames for some of the riders in the pro peloton. While not intended to be offensive or derogatory, the nicknames in the list represent the riders’ pe...

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  1. Belgian toothpaste? I’ve always known Belgian toothpaste as the slimy mud covering the tarmac that inevitably ends up in your mouth and gives you a nice abrasive tooth polish. That white spittle flailing out of a riders mouth is something altogether dif… »

April 2012 promises top be a special month for any Velominatus. While the current icons of our great sport do battle in spring classics, many of the Velominati will be enjoying The Keepers Tour.Meanwhile, in the quiet county of Shropshire, another event promises great things. Epic scenery, some pretty serious climbing, an imperial century, and fine...

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  1. @muck muck Yep, saw about three of you heading into town as we headed out in the van, Think we got back about 3/4 to an hour ahead of you by the time we’d faffed and got going. Arrived home at gone 10pm. Epic ride, many thanks 936adl for organising and ap… »